Do Car Subwoofers Wear Out? You Need To Know About It

For people who enjoy listening to music while driving, the subwoofer is a crucial part for hearing sounds in their car. Music sounds better when it has a deep, strong bass. But, just like lots of things we often use, subwoofers can begin to wear out.

We will see how this impacts your car’s sound system and methods of making noises last for as long as possible. At Audiosk, Let’s learn more about car speakers called subwoofers and get to know them better.

How Does A Car Subwoofer Work?

A subwoofer is a unique machine that creates sounds. It aids in making big and strong sounds for music, giving it strength. This is done by shaking, just like other types of speakers but in a special way. When the subwoofer moves, it shakes the air close to it. This movement creates waves in the air that reach our ears, allowing us to listen.

The main part of a subwoofer that moves is known as a cone. It’s much bigger than the cones in other speakers, like those that make middle or high sounds in music. This large size is very important. It’s like with a piano, the big and thick strings make deep low noises while small ones create high squeaky sounds. Just like that, the big circle in a subwoofer is made to move slow and strong. This gives out strong, deep sounds that we can hear and feel.

Subwoofers are different because they deal with the low sounds – bass. These talkers use cups of different sizes. Typically, they are around 10 to 19 inches wide. The size affects how the subwoofer creates sound. A bigger cone can move more air, making deeper and louder bass sounds.

So, when you listen to music with a good subwoofer it’s not just your ears that feel the bass. You also feel your chest and body moving because of shakes. Being good at playing quiet sounds makes subwoofers important for any serious music or home theater set-up.

Besides, if you want to connect a subwoofer to a car stereo without an amp can affect its durability. This setup may cause the subwoofer to wear out faster due to increased strain. To prolong its life, ensure the subwoofer’s power and impedance match the stereo’s output.

A Car Subwoofer

What Makes Up A Car Subwoofer?

The main parts of a subwoofer are few. There’s a part called the voice coil, which uses wire wrapped around like a tube. It is found between two plates near a magnet.

The magnet, tied to the stereo, moves the voice coil back and forth. This moment then moves to the subwoofer’s cone, a big round part often made of paper, plastic or metal. When the cone moves, it makes the deep sounds we listen to.

A Subwoofer Speaker Has Some Key Parts

A Subwoofer Speaker has several important parts. Sound’s electrical signal enters a round stick with wire wrapped around it, called speaker coil. This bent thing is between two parts near magnets. It’s like sticking a kitchen magnet on the door of your cabinet. But in this case, there are two plates. One is on each side.

The car’s sound system makes the magnet strong. These messages can be nice or mean. They use the voice coil to go back and forth between two plates. When things are good, the sound gets louder. When they’re no good, it becomes more silent. Then, the voice coil forces this action to go to the sub speaker’s cone.

When the voice coil starts to work, it moves a big round cone. When it moves, we can feel air waves that turn into sound. This cone often comes from special paper, plastic or light metal.

The Components of a Subwoofer

Other Parts of a Subwoofer

A subwoofer has lots of parts that are needed for it to work well. The spider and the basket are examples of these parts. The spider is a strong part that keeps the cone steady, making it move easily. The basket keeps the cone, voice part and magnet safe. It ensures that everything remains organized together. They work together to make sure the cone and voice coil stay in their correct spot inside the magnetic gap for great sound.

Another key piece is the cover for dust. It rests at the top of the cone. This cover hides the hole in the center of the cone, keeping it free from dirt and other rubbish inside a part of the loud bass box. This is very important to keep the speaker healthy and make it last longer.

After that, there’s the box. This is super important for how nice your big bass speaker sounds. The box with the subwoofer inside can greatly change how sound is heard. It discovers where and how sound waves go, affecting completely what you listen to. Some bass speakers can work without a normal box, instead using the car’s storage space.

But often, they do their best work when put in special boxes made just for them. This is because you can make the box larger or alter its shape to get better sound from your subwoofer.

Choosing a car subwoofer crossover setting of 80Hz or 120Hz impacts its longevity. A setting at 80Hz puts less strain on the subwoofer, likely extending its life, while 120Hz may lead to faster wear due to greater demand. The right crossover setting is key to both optimal sound and the subwoofer’s durability in your car’s audio system.

Do Car Subwoofers Wear Out? 

Yes! Like other things we use a lot, car subwoofers can break down. When you listen to music often in your car, the bass speaker works hard to make noise. Over time, parts inside the subwoofer like the speaker cone and coil may begin to wear out. This can happen because you use it too much or if the music is always very loud.

When speakers called subwoofers get old, they might not sound as clear or strong like when they were new. You may hear noise or the bass might not feel as strong. It’s kind of like how your best pair of shoes might become less comfy after wearing them for a long time.

Look after your car’s large speakers. They are significant. This will always make them sound nice. This means not always playing music too loud and giving them a break sometimes. If your car’s speakers are not working well, get a person who knows about cars and sounds to help you. They can help you check if it’s the right moment to fix them or get new ones instead.

However, adding a subwoofer to a Bose car system requires considering the wear of car subwoofers. Proper installation and balanced usage are essential to prevent premature wear while enhancing bass. Matching the subwoofer’s power with the Bose system’s capabilities ensures a durable, quality audio setup in your car.

Car Subwoofers Wear Out


At audiosk, In the end, car speakers can wear out over time. Just like many things we often use, they can turn bad and stop working well. We should use them correctly and not always play music too much for it to work well. If their noise is not like it used to be, you should have them looked at. Looking after your car’s subwoofers will help them stay longer and keep the music sounding good.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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