Why Is The Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights? 5 Reasons

You’re ready to relax with a movie or music. But your Vizio sound bar starts flashing white lights. It’s confusing and annoying. Instead of enjoying your time, you’re dealing with this light show.

These flashing lights are a big problem. They ruin movie nights and hangouts. You can’t just enjoy your time. You don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it fast, whether it is fully charged or not. It’s frustrating not knowing if your sound bar is okay.

Let’s talk why is the Vizio sound bar flashing white lights. It could be a connection issue or something with the settings. Maybe it’s a tech problem. And of course, Audiosk’ll find easy ways to fix it.

Why Is The Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights ? 

The flashing white lights on a Vizio sound bar usually signal a settings or sound bar connectivity issue. Here, “settings and connections” might mean several things:

 settings or sound bar connectivity issue

Bluetooth Pairing Issues

Vizio sound bars with flashing white LEDs typically have Bluetooth pairing issues. Think about trying to connect with a device that you used to know but can’t now. Find out why this is taking place:

Start with distance. It’s like talking across a field if your attached device is too far away or out of the sound bar’s Bluetooth range. Your smartphone is too far away to hear the sound bar’s connection attempt.

Resetting your sound bar may have caused it to forget its linked device, much like us after a sleep. Devices often forget paired connections after a reset.

Finally, consider home wireless signals which are invisible traffic. These might come from your network, Bluetooth gadgets, or microwaves. Interference is like conversing in a crowded room with everyone else. Noise from other wireless signals makes connecting your sound bar to your device difficult.

Input Source Confusion

Your sound bar flashes those lights to alert you to an audio source issue. Try to see the cords of your sound bar crossed. This often happens when your audio source doesn’t match its reception.

Say your TV has an HDMI port, and your sound bar can receive audio from that ports. Even though you don’t know it, it’s playing music from your phone through Bluetooth or some other method. It’s quite different from listening to rock music on the radio.

Also, getting signs from more than one place at the same time. Imagine that your sound bar has to mix the sounds from your TV, phone, and maybe even another device that is sending messages at the same time. It’s like hearing a lot of different noise at once.

Demo Mode Activation

Your sound bar keeps displaying white lights even when you’re simply relaxing and listening to music. Accidentally entering demo mode, such as by hitting a button, generally causes this.

It is like this: After pushing various sound bar buttons, it enters this bright demo mode. This is like accidently setting off an alarm. This mode shows off the sound bar’s capabilities in shops, but at home it’s like a salesperson in your living room!

Your sound bar blink oddly is almost like a distress signal

Software or Firmware Issues

Your sound bar blink oddly is almost like a distress signal. This odd behavior frequently indicates software or firmware issues.

When the sound bar’s OS has a problem. Your sound bar is flickering like a software bug on our phones.

Perhaps the sound bar’s firmware, or instruction manual, is outdated. Like ignoring “time to update” alerts on your phone or PC. Without these upgrades, your sound bar may malfunction, causing those strange light patterns. Or even some sound problems at time, like you can hear its bass is too loud.

If your sound bar is showing this light display, it may need a software update or problem patch. A little technical TLC may restore it to normal, maximizing your sound experience.

Hardware Malfunction

Flashing lights on your sound bar indicate an internal hardware issue, like an SOS signal.

Uncover what’s beneath the hood. Internal components may be problematic, like a vehicle hood part. It might be a worn-out circuit board. And a sound bar with faulty internal components struggles to work.

HDMI or USB ports may be another problem. These link your sound bar to the outside world like doors and windows. If these ports are broken, it’s like a jammed door or window. This hinders the sound bar’s communication and operation.

Flashing lights are your sound bar’s warning signs that it requires servicing. You can give your sound bar a much-needed checkup by finding and fixing these internal problems. This can help stop the light show and get your sound experience back on track.

How To Fix Vizio Soundbar Flashing White Lights?

Some simple and common solutions to fix a Vizio sound bar with flashing white LEDs. These two solutions are the most popular and straightforward:

Bluetooth pairing troubles that cause flashing lights

Method 1: Reset Bluetooth

This solution is effective for Bluetooth pairing troubles that cause flashing lights.

Step by step guide: 

  1. Find the Bluetooth button: Your sound bar has a Bluetooth button. Usually a Bluetooth symbol.
  2. Reset Connection: 
  • Hold the Bluetooth button for 5–6 seconds.
  • Until the sound bar enters pairing mode. A light pattern change or buzzer generally does this.

Method 2: Power-cycle Sound Bar

This strategy may fix input source confusion and software bugs.

Step by step guide: 

  1. Press the power button to switch off your Vizio sound bar.
  2. Disconnect the sound bar from the power outlet. This is necessary since it resets the sound bar’s internals.
  3. Just a minute: Unplug the sound bar for a minute. Draining leftover power might fix small issues during this short time.
  4. Connect and Start: Reconnect the sound bar to the power socket and press the power button.
  5. Test the Sound Bar: Play audio again to see whether the flashing lights have stopped.

To ensure a good Bluetooth connection between your sound bar and device, remove any impediments. To prevent software difficulties, check for and install sound bar firmware upgrades.

If these procedures fail, see your model’s user manual or contact Vizio support.


In conclusion, diagnosing your Vizio sound bar’s white light flashing is easy. Most causes are simple, like Bluetooth or sound bar settings. These issues are typically straightforward to solve. Audiosk has offered simple measures like resetting Bluetooth or power cycling the sound bar may usually fix problems.

Don’t panic if your Vizio sound bar begins flashing. You can probably repair it fast and resume listening to your music.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.