Bookshelf Speakers Vs Soundbar: What Is The Key Difference?

Bookshelf speakers and soundbars are among the most popular audio devices, especially among enthusiasts who experience high-quality audio. This article will compare bookshelf speakers and soundbar speakers, giving you the most comprehensive information.

What Do You Know About Bookshelf And Soundbar Speakers

To learn more about these two types of speakers, read below now:

Bookshelf speaker

Bookshelf speakers are commonly used at home by connecting cables to televisions, computers,… The two main parts of bookshelf speakers are woofers and tweeters. If you want a more powerful sound and a better experience right away.

types of bookshelf speakers

Soundbar speaker

Soundbars are becoming very popular recently. With a modern and aesthetically pleasing design, suitable for any space. A speaker device with a long horizontal bar design is usually placed in front of the TV. A basic TV soundbar set usually includes one soundbar speaker and one subwoofer included. Deliver a different audio experience with multi-dimensional virtual surround sound for the best movie and music experience at home.

Table Of Comparison: Bookshelf Speakers Vs Soundbar

 Bookshelf SpeakersSoundbar Speakers
PortabilityBookshelf speakers are not portable. They are designed to be placed on a bookshelf or other surface in a permanent location.Soundbars are more portable than bookshelf speakers. They can be placed on a TV stand or mounted on the wall, making them easy to move around.
Price~ $50 -$300 or more~~$100 – $200 or more
SetupBookshelf speakers require more setup than soundbars.Soundbars are more accessible to set up than bookshelf speakers.
IPX7 water resistanceBookshelf speakers are not water resistant. They should not be exposed to water or moisture.Some soundbars are IPX7 water resistant
Battery lifeAn external power source, such as an AC adapter or a battery pack, power bookshelf speakers.Soundbars can have batteries or can be powered by an external power source. Some soundbars with batteries have a battery life of up to 20 hours

What Are The Differences Between Bookshelf Speakers Vs Soundbar?

To choose the speaker that suits you best, read through the following comparisons:


Connect TV with a soundbar

The bookshelf speaker has a compact and sturdy design. Some speakers are designed to be mounted on a stand, while others can be wall mounted. With a beautiful design and high-quality materials such as wood, plastic, or metal, the speaker can withstand the effects of the environment. The compact design is suitable for any space with the same shape as other speakers, such as a TV stand.

Soundbars are audio devices with a more compact design than bookshelf speakers. They have a flat and thin appearance and are very close. Soundbars are typically longer than bookshelf speakers but are less deep. This makes them a good option for small spaces.

Sound quality

Both devices have a good sound quality and are worth the investment. However, each will have its characteristics.

Bookshelf speakers typically offer better sound quality than soundbars. This is a result of their more significant drivers and larger sound-producing spaces. So the sound is richer and more realistic. It is guaranteed that you will have a great experience with this speaker.

Soundbar speakers also have good sound quality behind bookshelf speakers. Using just enough space that is just enough is the optimal choice. The speakers’ state of the art features help you experience the most advanced audio technologies. This is a good choice for you who prefer a speaker that is easy to assemble and compact.


The price of these two speakers is also different. The price of bookshelf speakers will be higher than soundbar speakers. The price range of bookshelf speakers is about ~ $50 -$300 or more. In addition, the usual price of the soundbar is about ~$100 – $200 or more.


Regarding connecting the speaker to smart devices such as televisions or phones. Bookshelf speakers do a great job, so you can easily connect to any device you want via Bluetooth or cable.

Soundbar speakers are usually designed specifically for televisions so that the connection will be slower than bookshelf speakers. However, the Soundbar has many connectivity options, including HDMI, RCA, and optical output connectors. You don’t need to worry that the speaker can only be connected to a TV or computer.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Bookshelf Speakers Vs Soundbars?

feature of bookshelf speakers

Speakers are top-rated on the market today. Here are the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of the speaker:

Bookshelf speakers


  • Compact: The speaker is designed to be compact so that it can be placed anywhere, even in small places with minimal space.
  • Fit sound: The sound that the speaker emits is quite suitable and optimal, providing an excellent experience for listeners
  • Simple structure: The speaker usually consists of only two lines, two drivers, and a simple crossover circuit. This speaker line only focuses on sound in the mid-range and treble, so there will rarely be problems with excess bass.


  • Limited performance: The speaker has a moderate capacity, so it cannot be met in open spaces such as halls, stages, meeting rooms, etc.
  • The bass is not deep: The small size of the cabinet and driver makes the frequency route of the speaker narrow.

Soundbar speakers


  • The sound quality is much better than the TV’s built-in speakers.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be combined with a subwoofer, depending on needs and model.
  • Easy to install, doesn’t take up much space. Minimalist and modern design.
  • Works without an AV receiver or any amplifier.


  • The simulated surround sound will not be as good as the natural surround sound.
  • Not powerful enough to deliver sound everywhere in a large room.

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The comparison between two bookshelf speakers vs soundbar in this article will help you choose the right type of speaker. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so depending on your preferences and needs, you can select the right one for the best audio experience.

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