How To Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without Charger?

Unlike wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers use rechargeable batteries such that if you want to enjoy unending music, you have to recharge them after some time. You become irritated when the battery runs out of charge and the original charger is missing.

However, do not panic. In this article at audiosk, we’ll show you how to charge bluetooth speaker without charge? Thus guaranteeing that your melodies will continue playing to enjoy music.

How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker Without Charger?

Here are all the different ways to charge a Bluetooth speaker seamlessly without having a proper charger.

1. Charge Using A Powerbank

When on the move and in need of charging your Bluetooth speaker, you can use a power bank that is portable and handy. For the operation of a speaker, you simply join a USB cable to a power bank.

You need to make sure your power bank is adequately charged to improve its efficiency in transferring charge to your speaker.

This method is especially efficient in cases when there is no possibility of using a conventional wall plug. A power bank will allow you to keep your speaker’s function on and listen to uninterrupted music wherever you are.

2. Charge Using Your Smartphone

Charge Using Your Smartphone

You can easily charge your wireless speaker with your smartphone, which removes the necessity of a different charger. This process is simple: use a USB plug-in speaker with your smartphone.

This method is convenient because people usually carry phones with them wherever they go; hence, there is no need for additional equipment. Besides, this method enables you to recharge your speaker as many times as possible.

However, there are some points to observe. It depends on how large the battery is in your speaker and the extent of charge on your smartphone.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure the wireless speaker you purchase matches your phone. The ports of the smartphone and the speaker could be damaged by incompatible devices.

3. Charge Using Mobile Charger

With our experience, having the ability to charge Bluetooth speakers by using a mobile charger is quite convenient. This means that you don’t have to carry many chargers.

However, one should keep in mind the issue of compatibility during the charge of wireless speakers using a mobile charger. Not using the correct charger to charge an improperly handled speaker could damage the speaker’s charging port.

When it comes to the speaker and the charger, it is important to check the specifications of them by matching their voltages and the types of connectors used. This way, your Bluetooth speakers will be securely plugged-in and in-use constantly.

4. Charge Using Your Own Wireless Charger

Charge Using Your Own Wireless Charger

You can use a wireless charging pad or dock if your Bluetooth speaker has wireless connectivity.

In this method, there are no cables involved, which makes it easy for you as they can simply plug their devices and charge them. You only need to place it on the charging pad with its speakers facing the charging coil for it to function.

In addition, it is very beneficial for wireless charging speakers designed especially for this purpose. It’s a wonderful way of keeping your speaker charged and ready for your subsequent listening session.

5. Charge Using Your Laptop Or Desktop

To charge your Bluetooth speaker with a laptop, use a micro USB cord. you need to make sure that the indicator light of the speaker is on indicating charging. You need to note that the speakers should be set to airplane mode or switched off first so as to reduce the chances of hardware damage. 

6. Use a Car Charger for Your Bluetooth Speaker

When we move by car, we know it turns out that you can use your car’s battery as a charging source for your Bluetooth speaker. Most of the modern vehicles have USB ports that are integrated into their stereo system. To charge your speaker (or any compatible Bluetooth speaker) without the speaker’s dedicated charger, insert a USB cable into your car’s USB slot to link the speaker.

However, it is necessary to remember about the power parameters. Usually, a 10-ampere is the maximum output of cars equipped with a 12V socket, but an ordinary charger is often rated at 1-3 amperes. Your speaker may get overheated and damaged in a case of power surge arising from uneven flow of electricity if you use a damaged charger. Therefore, make certain that the cable is intact when charging your speaker from your car’s USB slot.

7. Charge By Using A Solar Charger

In order to utilize solar power for charging, just place the solar generator where it can get sunlight directly. Nevertheless, one thing should be noted: the efficiency of charging will vary with the intenseness of sun rays.

Besides, this approach enables your speaker to generate power in an eco-friendly manner.

8. Time To Replace Your Battery

If you tried all recharging ways and the Bluetooth speaker remains uncharged, maybe the issue is with the battery. When the battery becomes faulty and does not hold a charge any longer, it has to be replaced.

You should also understand that it is rarely easy for a professional to replace the battery in a wireless speaker. For the replacement of the speaker battery, we advise that you take it to a professional technician.

Moreover, one also needs to consider that it might not always be the battery problem, but the charging port. The competent technician should be able to identify and resolve these problems for your speaker to work well again.

How To Extend The Battery Life Of A Bluetooth Speaker?

How To Extend The Battery Life of A Bluetooth Speaker?

With our experience using speakers regularly, to maximize the battery life of your Bluetooth speaker and reduce the frequency of charging, here are some key practices to follow:

  • Turn off the speaker: Ensure that you shut off your speaker every time you stop using it. That halts wireless connection to preserve electric charge. The speaker in mode consumes the battery very quickly. you need to detach the speaker rather than simply halting your audio, and walking away. Some other versions have a self-off functionality to assist with inconvenience.
  • Maintain a cool environment: Moreover, temperature is an influential factor in the battery’s lifetime. Avoid excessive heat of the speaker, as it may end up draining the life of the battery quickly. When storing the speaker, ensure that you keep it away from hot car boots or the sun as these elements can negatively affect the battery.
  • Using airplane mode can help reduce battery consumption by disabling mobile data transfer for calls, SMS, and emails.
  • Avoid full discharge or charge: Do not over drain or top up the speaker’s battery. Unplug the speaker in its 100% level and also stop overcharging it even if you have a spare charger ready.
  • Moderate the volume: Lowering the volume preserves the battery. However, more power is consumed when the volume is high, so strive to have a maximum of 75% on the volume.

By following these guidelines, we can greatly extend the battery life of our Bluetooth speakers. This will ensure that they remain active and ready for use at all times.


At audiosk, carrying a Bluetooth speaker is easy and comfortable. If you forget the charging cord, this article will help. It answers the question: “how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger?”. In our experience, power banks are the best alternative. They can charge various devices, such as Bluetooth speakers and other electronics.

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Ciaran Gonzan

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