How To Clean Speaker Grill In Car? Easy Guide

Want to keep your car’s speakers sounding awesome? It’s not just about looks – cleaning those speaker grills is essential. Over time, they gather all sorts of gunk like dust, oil, and mud. This mess doesn’t just look terrible, it can muffle your music and even damage your speakers. Imagine turning up your favorite tune, only to hear it through a layer of dirt – not the experience you want!

So, knowing how to clean speaker grill in car is a must-do for any car owner. In this guide, Audiosk is going to show you some basic, effective methods to get those grills looking and sounding as good as new. 

What is speaker grill in a car ?

The grills over your car’s speakers are made of fabric, metal, or plastic. These grills protect your speakers and help your music sound clear. They can be on car doors or the rear deck. But, they collect dust and dirt over time, which can change how your music sounds.

I’ll tell you about a road trip I took. I was excited for my music, but it sounded fuzzy. I checked and found my car’s speaker grills full of dust! This happens to a lot of us. Keeping these grills clean makes sure your music sounds great. It also stops your speakers from getting damaged.

Cleaning your car’s speaker grills isn’t hard. Think of it like cleaning your home’s music system. It’s all about enjoying your drive with the best sound. A little cleaning can make a big difference in how your music sounds.

How to clean speaker grill in car (3 Easy Method)?

We know that to keep your car speakers sounding great, you must clean car speakers properly, Follow this method below:

3 Easy Method of Cleanig Speaker Grill In a Car 


Dusting is something I do almost every day. It’s a quick and easy way to keep the speaker grills free from everyday dust. 

A soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth works perfectly. Just a few gentle swipes every day can make a huge difference.


Vacuuming is a bit trickier. You need to be careful not to damage the speaker driver, which is quite delicate. 

I use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment and gently go over the grills. It’s effective, especially for those hard-to-reach spots where dust accumulates.

Wet Cleaning Speaker Cloths

Every once in a while, your speaker grills need a deeper clean. This is where wet cleaning comes into play. I use special speaker cloth cleaners that are safe for the material. 

Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and gently wipe the grills. Avoid soaking them, as excess moisture can damage the speakers.

Step-by Step to Clean Speaker Grill In Car

My first order of business is to gather all of my necessary tools. A vacuum cleaner, a flat-head screwdriver, and cleaning supplies are required for this task.

I always unplug the vehicle audio to ensure safety. Turn off the stereo as a precaution if you feel uneasy handling the cables.

Next, take the fabric off the speaker grill:

The cloth speaker grills on my vehicle are handled in the following way: I begin at the top corner and loosen the prongs by delicately lifting the cloth with my fingers. After that, I repeat the process at the base. To prevent harm, you must be very careful here.

Then a flat-head screwdriver will be your ally if the speaker grills on your vehicle are fastened with screws, as they are on a few of the vehicles I’ve serviced. The rubber gasket behind the grill should be your only point of caution. We would want to avoid inadvertently harming anybody.

After that, here we go with the cleaning. I find that a vacuum attachment with a dust brush works best for cloth grills. It gets the job done without damaging the cloth. Next, I give it a quick spritz with some dry cleaning powder and give it a good shake to dry. When you use cleaning sprays, be sure you use a mask for safety reasons.

For Grills Made of Non-Fabric:

A microfiber towel or sponge can work wonders on grills made of plastic or metal. After a gentle washing with a little detergent, I give them a quick rinse with water. To avoid warping or bending, make sure that any plastic grills are completely dry before reattaching them.

For Removable Speaker Grills 

The first time I popped off the speaker grills in my car, I was surprised at how simple it was. If your car has these, you’re in luck! Here’s what you can do:

  • Taking Them Off: In my car, they just snap right off, though some might have screws. Be gentle to avoid breaking them.
  • Cleaning: I use a soft brush to dust them off. For a deeper clean, especially for fabric grills, mild soap and water work well. For metal or plastic, a damp cloth with a bit of soap is enough.
  • Drying: Make sure they are completely dry before you put them back on. I learned the hard way that moisture and speakers don’t mix well!

For Non-Removable Speaker Grills

Now, if your grills don’t come off like in my wife’s car, you’ve got to be a bit more cautious. But don’t worry, it’s still manageable.

  • Vacuuming: I gently vacuum over the grills with a brush attachment to get the dust out.
  • Compressed Air: For those hard-to-reach spots, a can of compressed air works wonders.
  • Wiping Down: If there’s still dirt left, I lightly use a damp microfiber cloth. Remember, the key is to avoid getting moisture into the speakers.

Tips to safely clean the speaker grill

1. Wipe with a Dry, Soft Cloth

A gentle, dry cloth is one of the simplest and quickest cleaning methods for speaker grills. You may use it to gently remove dust without worrying about damaging the surface. 

Before using a soft cloth, I check to see that it is lint-free. In this way, I can make sure that no fibers or residues are left behind.

2. Don’t Press

Despite how easy it seems, this is really very important. Use a soft cloth and avoid pressing down on the speaker grills as you clean them.
The speaker’s delicate portions might be broken if you’re overly harsh, I’ve discovered. All it takes to get rid of the dust is a gentle touch.

3. Avoid Damp Cloths and Water

Cleaning the speaker grills of your vehicle with a moist cloth or water is a huge no-no. This was a costly fix that I had to pay for since I messed up once.

If the speakers become damp, the electrical parts might be ruined. Never wash anything; dry cleaning is the way to go.

While discussing how to clean a car speaker grill, it’s interesting to note that many people also ask if they can connect a JBL speaker to their car. The answer is yes, usually via Bluetooth.

First, you need to ensure your car’s audio system supports Bluetooth connectivity. Then, activate the Bluetooth on your JBL speaker and set it to pairing mode. On your car’s audio system, search for available Bluetooth devices and select your JBL speaker.

Wrapping it up on how to clean speaker grill in car

Every time I finish cleaning my speaker grills, it feels like I’ve given my car a mini spa day. Clear music that makes every journey, whether to the grocery store or on a weekend road trip, that much better. 

Next time you’re hanging out with your car – give those grills a gentle wipe. It’s a small task, but believe me, when your favorite song comes on and there’s no muffled sound or static, you’ll be grateful you took the time.

So, grab that cloth, take a few minutes, and keep those tunes coming through crystal clear. Audiosk hope you and your car will be humming along happily. 

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.