How To Wall Mount Speakers: 3 Details Methods

Speakers are an essential device in the home or theater because of many music enthusiasts and their convenience. To save space and maximize the sound performance of the speaker, it is necessary to hang the speaker on the wall. This article will provide you with information on hanging speakers correctly and precisely.

When Do You Need To Hang Speakers On The Wall?

How to hang speakers on the wall

There are many cases and reasons why you should hang speakers on the wall to optimize area or sound performance. If the speaker you buy is a wall-mounted speaker, then according to the manufacturer’s design, you must hang it on the wall according to the instructions to ensure sound quality. Once you have chosen to buy a wall-mounted speaker, it cannot be placed in another location.

Besides, you can still hang them on the wall to increase aesthetics and save space for karaoke speakers or regular speakers. Hanging the speaker on the wall can help the sound spread more widely, creating a more vivid and realistic sound experience. But you need to pay attention to hang it properly to avoid damage.

In addition, hanging the speaker on the wall prevents humidity and moisture, causing damage to the speaker, and saves money compared to buying stands or shelves to place the speaker.

What Do You Need To Prepare Before Hanging The Speaker On The Wall?

For your audio speaker system to be hung in the best quality and perfect way, the correct way to hang it is essential. However, you need to take the following preparation steps before hanging the speakers:

Preparing instruments

You need to prepare a few tools to hang the speaker conveniently such as: a bracket, screwdriver, hammer, wall drill, tape…

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the number of speaker mounts and the speaker’s weight. Typically, if you use 2 speakers, the mounting brackets will be 1 set, if 4 speakers, 2 sets. Besides, you can choose a suitable ceiling, corner, or other mount depending on the type of room and wall material.

Determine where the speaker will be hung

You must determine the correct location to hang the speaker. You need to choose an aesthetically pleasing location that can provide good sound quality. Remember to note the size of the room for proper layout.

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What Are The Methods To Wall Mount Speakers?

3 methods to hang speakers on the wall

Right here are the simplest and easiest methods for you to hang speakers on the wall:

Steel L-Bracket Wall Mount

The L-mount is a very sturdy way to mount the speaker to the wall. With iron material, it is durable and can be used for a long time:

After preparing the necessary materials above. The next step is to mark the location of the wall cavity and drill holes to hang the speaker. You need to note that the drilling position must coincide with the position of the hole on the mounting bracket. After installing the switch in the drilled hole, install the speaker mount. The last step is to hang the speaker up and make sure the speaker is firmly attached to the wall.

Use Hooks

The command hook is a detachable hook with extremely strong adhesive on the back to fix it on the wall and can hang the speaker firmly and securely. This method will be simpler and does not require drilling the wall. However, you should choose to buy a high-quality hook that can withstand the weight of your speaker and should not choose a cheap one. The maximum weight they can handle is 7.5 lbs, but hanging anything heavier than 5 lbs with the command hook is not recommended.

Use accessories from the manufacturer

Buy a speaker specifically for wall mounting. Instructions from the manufacturer and a set of accessories will be included so you can hang the speaker on the wall more easily. With the tools prepared in advance, you will have enough tools to hang the speaker on the wall.

First, you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for use and installation to understand installation methods and safety requirements clearly. You need to follow the procedures and steps according to the teachings of the speaker you purchase to carry out the installation correctly and quickly. After the installation, you should turn on the speaker to test the sound and make sure that the speaker sounds as you want.

Note that the above steps are general guidelines only and may vary depending on the type of speaker and kit you use.

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Hanging speakers on the wall can be a great solution to save space and improve sound quality in your home. The above article will show you how to wall mount speakers properly. You should pay attention to doing it carefully to ensure the best sound quality of the speaker.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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