24 Things to Do While Listening to Music: Making the Most of Your Listening Time

Listening to music does more than just entertain us. It releases oxytocin – the love and happiness hormone. This is why music feels so good for you!

Music isn’t just  a background sound; it’s a friend that enhances our lives in many ways. Whether you’re feeling down or just need a moment of peace, there’s always a song that can lift your spirits or calm your mind.  Here are 24 things to do while listening to music Audiosk think you should consider :

1. Work out

It’s great to listen to music while exercising! Running or any kind of exercise can be energized by listening to fast music. In earbud form, it’s as if you have a cheerleader on your side. Because the music keeps you energized and reduces fatigue, exercising becomes more of a celebration and less of a chore. 

The best part is that it really does feel like you’re one with the beat when the music is synced with your movements. But you might prefer something soothing and less strenuous on your ears when you’re practicing yoga.

2. Play a game 

When you’re playing a game, it might feel like you’ve entered a whole new universe. The soundtrack can really bring that world to life. It keeps your attention and interest piqued in the on-screen action. 

But some gentle acoustic music puts everyone at ease while playing classic board games with loved ones. It’s the ideal score for a night of watching a game.

3. Do Household Chores

Doing chores like washing dishes can become a dance party in the kitchen when music plays. It makes you feel better and the time goes by quickly. 

Upbeat pop or classic rock music gets you in the mood to clean, and soft music with nature sounds is great for gardening.

4. Cook

While there is some routine in cooking, that doesn’t mean it has to be dull when you have Jazz on hand. To spice things up (pardon the pun) while you’re in the kitchen, put on some jazz music. It’s similar to hosting your very own culinary show. If you’re in a good mood when you’re cooking, the food will taste even better, and the jazzy rhythms will make cooking more fun.

5. Take a shower

Don’t you think a shower is the perfect way to unwind for a minute or two? Playing some soothing music, though, will make them even more invigorating. Almost like transforming your bathroom into a luxurious spa in your own home. To unwind and relax, listen to gentle music or the calming sounds of nature.

6. Go to sleep

You’re all tucked up in your cozy bed, about to drift off to sleep so you can get a good night’s rest. When I’m getting ready for bed, my go-to method is to put on some relaxing music. 

Imagine having your very own lullaby that soothes you and sends you into a deeper, more restful sleep with each beat. Descendant, gentle instrumental or ambient tunes. Assuring that you awaken feeling revitalized, it’s as if your soul is gently enveloped.

7. Knit

Knitting has therapeutic benefits as you embark on your knitting adventures, light jazz or classical music would be the ideal companions. 

Listening to their beat in time with your knitting needles is a relaxing and entertaining way to pass the time. There’s no better way to spin yarn than this!

8. Get Your Work Done

When there was an overwhelming amount of work to do, the music in the background takes over. 

In particular, lo-fi beats are like the magic ingredient for getting things done. If you put on some good music, you can get into a zone, concentrate, and even enjoy doing things like organizing or working. It’s as if you’re grooving along with your to-do list.

9. Unwind at the end of the day

It’s best way tp unwind after a long day of intense activity and listen to music playlist. An old standby of mine is acoustic music. I can’t imagine life without it as the soundtrack, whether I’m daydreaming, simply relaxing, or contemplating. 

My idea of a perfect way to relax is to sit in my favorite room with a mug of hot tea while listening to soothing acoustic music.

10. Journal

Morning journaling—what a lovely way to start the day. Especially when you can incorporate musical inspiration into your writing. Plus, you won’t believe this! Subdued background music enhances the overall creative experience. Imagine a muse who softly murmurs ideas into your ear. 

Your journaling sessions will be more meaningful and insightful if you listen to music while you write because it helps you connect with your inner self.

Soft music in the background helps me write in my journal in the morning. It helps me get in touch with my thoughts and makes me more creative.

11. Mediate

I couldn’t agree with you more that it can be helpful to meditate while listening to nature noises. Basically, it’s the same as bringing just a little bit of nature inside. 

Put your mind at ease and settle yourself by listening to the calming sounds of nature, such a flowing stream, rustling leaves, or distant birdcalls. Having this at home is like escaping to a tranquil beach or forest for a brief while.

12. Pedicure

I think getting a pedicure while listening to relaxing music is a great way to take care of yourself. The next best thing is to set up a makeshift spa right in your own house. 

As you relax in the tub, play some soft instrumental or even acoustic music to calm your mind and muscles. It further heightens the feeling of relaxation.

13. Dance in your room

What a dream come true to dance to energetic dance or pop music in the comfort of your own bedroom! Comparable to hosting an intimate gathering. 

Relax, move to the music, and enjoy yourself; that is what really matters. Indulge in this delightful activity to alleviate tension or just savor the occasion.

14. Drink coffee in the morning

To begin the day in style, nothing beats a cup of coffee and some music. Imagine yourself at a warm café, raring to go, with the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air and the soothing melodies of jazz lilting in the background. It’s like having a morning routine that makes you feel good about yourself and your day.

15. Take a long drive

And speaking of lengthy rides, listening to music can really transform a mundane commute into an exciting experience.

Listening to your favorite playlist—whether it’s old rock anthems, laid-back country, or something else entirely—is like having each song set the mood for the adventure. As you jam out or lose yourself in the tunes, the miles seem to melt away.

16. Read

Listening to background music while reading may be a very relaxing experience. It aids in making the room more peaceful, which is ideal for reading a good book in its entirety. It’s as if the narrative is being advanced with every note.

17. Paint, Draw or Color

Listening to jazz while painting can completely transform the experience. Every stroke of the brush seems to sync with the beat of the song. 

The freewheeling improvisations of jazz—or even just a little blues or acoustic music—can do wonders for your imagination and your artwork. It’s as if you and the music are both dancing on the painting

18. Get your creativity flowing

Ambient or electronic music may be a great trigger for getting those creative juices flowing, which in turn boosts creativity. They put you in a new mental place, which is great for creative thinking and brainstorming. As if the music were dictating new ideas and advancements to your brain.

19. Study

Listening to lo-fi music or instrumentals while studying is the perfect combination of style and substance. They make it easy to tune out the world and focus on the task at hand. They encase you in a protective bubble, isolating you from the rest of the world.

20. Party

Playing songs during parties can establish the overall mood. Invigorating, upbeat music gets everyone moving, while soothing, lounge music is ideal for casual get-togethers. The playlist is like an invisible host who unites the crowd.

21. Surf the Web

Although it may seem weird, listening to music while surfing the web really improves the experience. Even the most boring job may be made more fun with some relaxing background music. It’s like if your online excursions are accompanied by a music.

22. Walks your dogs and enjoy nature

Put on some lively tunes and take a stroll with your dog! A everyday walk might become an exciting adventure in that manner. Since your pet can sense the joyful energy, they are also going to love it. 

If you’re looking for a way to relax and enjoy your surroundings while strolling, trying listening to music that has a natural soundscape.

23. Make love with your partner

Listening to music with an attentive mind, taking in each subtle note, may be a fulfilling experience. It opens your ears to the talent and creativity of music production.

If you’re looking for music with layers and depth to delve into, try some instrumental, jazz, or classical pieces.

I like listening to jazz with an inquisitive mind. When you give anything your whole attention, you’ll be amazed at how much you can find inside it.

24. Listen Critically

Listening to music with an attentive mind, taking in each subtle note, may be a fulfilling experience. It opens your ears to the talent and creativity of music production.

If you’re looking for music with layers and depth to delve into, try some instrumental, jazz, or classical pieces.

I like listening to jazz with an inquisitive mind. When you give anything your whole attention, you’ll be amazed at how much you can find inside it.

Wrapping it up on things to do while listening to your music

Music isn’t just a background noise; it’s your partner in productivity, your mood booster, and your ticket to a smoother journey through life’s challenges.

So follow Audiosk to go ahead, press play, and let the music guide you through those 24 things to do while listening to your tunes!

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.