Can You Track A JBL Speaker: Here’s How To Track It Down

As specialists in the field of sound technology, we appreciate how important it is to be able to find and capture one’s personal audio devices such as JBL speakers. In our research into this topic we look at the various ways and means that can be used to follow a JBL speaker.

At audiosk, we explore how to deal with cases in which a speaker is misplaced, or stolen, or has simply been lost. We will bring you an answer to the question “Can You Track A JBL Speaker?” 

Can you track JBL speakers?

Yes, some JBL speaker models can be tracked using the JBL app. The app has a find my speaker function enabling you to track down the last known location of the speaker.

We are all masters in the field of sound technology. Here is some expert information on and insights into the remarkable capabilities of JBL speakers, specifically their tracking functions. Professionals and audiophiles can’t get enough of JBL speakers, which are known for their excellent sound quality and affordability.

Can you track JBL speakers

Using the JBL app, owners can take advantage of one special characteristic of JBL speakers. With this app, even if your speaker gets lost or misplaced, you’ll quickly know where to find it.

The process is straightforward: so as long as your speaker is paired with the app via Bluetooth, you are ready to find it. Given that the app’s range is limited to Bluetooth connectivity, it works best when you are close at hand. But if you’re not in Bluetooth range, don’t despair.

The ‘Find My Speaker’ function on the app displays your speaker’s last known location on a map. It is an invaluable tool. Not only for finding a misplaced speaker, but also in the event of theft. If you find your speaker has been moved, tell the police with its last recorded position.

However, even with these sophisticated tracking items, it’s best to take preventive measures. These simple but effective steps keeping your speaker in a secure, easily locatable place and registering it with JBL can help ensure its safety.

Registration with JBL also means that you can be notified if your speaker has been found after having been lost or stolen.

Measures to prevent speaker loss you should know

Measures to prevent speaker loss you should know

When using a speaker like the JBL in public places, you’ve got to keep your device secure. As experts in sound technology, we recommend the following precautions:

Always ensure that the speaker is on you or your bag. With a strap or even lanyard, the chance of losing one’s speaker is significantly reduced.

If the speaker is to be carried in a backpack, see to it that the backpack zips up properly and tighten up the straps. This not only prevents the speaker from slipping out, it also discourages any possible thieving.

Be sure to position your speaker appropriately. Don’t put it on the ground or in spots where it can easily be trodden underfoot or crushed.

That way, not only will your JBL speaker be more secure and have a longer life, you will get the most pleasure from it.

How to Track a JBL Speaker? 

If you want to find a JBL speaker, you have several choices. Tracking a Bluetooth speaker is not as easy as tracking a GPS device. Sometimes you might not be able to find the Bluetooth speaker at all.

If your JBL speaker is new and works with the JBL app, you can use the app to find your speaker. The app includes a feature that shows where your speaker was most recently. This can tell you where the last time was that you used or connected to your speaker. If you’ve lost it or left it behind, of course this is useful.

But the app doesn’t use GPS to tell you where your speaker is at this moment. Thus, if someone stole your speaker or its battery died, it would be hard to find.

For older JBL speakers that don’t sync with the app, you can download a Bluetooth Scanner app on your iPhone or Android. The app scans for devices nearby using Bluetooth. If your speaker appears in the scan, then you can begin looking for it.

The scanner doesn’t tell you precisely where the speaker is. It just tells you your speaker is near your phone. You should look around, never more than 20-30 feet away.

The drawback Is that if your speaker is out or its battery is dead, it doesn’t have a chance to show up in the scanner even if it’s nearby.

GPS trackers like Apple’s AirTags are another way to monitor your JBL speaker. Easy to use, they work well. One can be fixed to a speaker. After that, if your speaker is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to find it more easily than relying on the tracking of this speaker which isn’t very good.

GPS trackers can work for a year with one battery. Try to hide the tracker on your speaker so it’s hard for thieves to find and remove it if your speaker gets stolen.

What Are JBL Speaker App Features?

What Are JBL Speaker App Features

JBL Speaker App provides many cool settings to make listening more convenient. The part of the app that allows you to change how your speaker sounds is in fact really useful.

The EQ (equalizer) settings can be adjusted and you are even able to increase the volume of one or two sounds as your taste dictates. The app also comes with pre-set sound settings for different types of music. Therefore, you always get the best sound for whatever song or style of music is playing.

What’s more, you can create your own playlists and view all your music in one place. The JBL Speaker App makes you listen to music in a whole new way.

Linking Bluetooth to Your JBL Speaker

JBL Bluetooth speakers are great for listening to your music wired free. You can use them to play your favorite songs at home or on the road. The sound is good, and they are easy to pair.

Here’s how to hook up your JBL speaker to Bluetooth:

  • Turn on the speaker and place it near your device.
  • On your computer, open Settings and select Bluetooth.
  • In the list of devices you can connect to, select JBL.
  • If it asks for a pairing code, enter the code for your speaker.
  • After connecting, the volume and what’s playing can be adjusted from your device.

With Bluetooth, you can listen to your music without all the messy cables. So just follow these steps, and in no time you’ll be rattling away to your favorite tunes!

Resetting JBL Speaker

If you’re having problems with your JBL speaker, one of the first things we suggest is a reset. This procedure clears out any potential problem configurations, returning the speaker to its original factory settings.

To start the reset procedure, we suggest that you press and hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Then disconnect the speaker from its power supply and wait one minute.

After this pause, reconnect the speaker to the power supply and press the power button again to activate it. In a few minutes, your JBL speaker should be successfully reset and ready for operation.

Why won’t my JBL speaker connect to the app?

Most important is to make sure you’ve downloaded the right app for your device and it gets consistently updated. Secondly, we suggest carefully reading over any instructions for interconnecting the speaker to your equipment that are provided. Sometimes, special settings have to be switched on for the app to recognize who is speaking.

Just as essential is that Bluetooth be enabled on your device and set to ‘discoverable’ mode. If a speaker’s Bluetooth is in discoverable mode, it makes the whole procedure easier for your device to find it on the network.

Further, some of the devices may be able to connect directly with the speaker, provided they are Bluetooth-capable.

If you still have problems, we suggest you reboot both your JBL speaker and your device. If this doesn’t work, you may need to perform a factory reset on your JBL speaker, which will set all settings back to their state when first unboxed.

If these steps do not lead to a resolution, the next move will be to appeal to JBL Support for more help.


At audiosk, JBL speakers offer a degree of trackability, yet this is only feasible when they are switched on and within your phone’s connectivity range. Additionally, the JBL app can be utilized to ascertain the speaker’s last known location. However, it’s important to note that if the speaker has been moved, this information might not reflect its current exact location.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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