How To Connect 2 JBL Speakers To Iphone: Step-by-Step 

You can connect JBL speakers to an iPhone. I’ll show you how at audiosk! JBL speakers will make the music sound nice when you use your iPhone together with it. By following expert guide instructions to adjust bumps or hurts, good guitar swings sounds can be enhanced for long-lasting JBL products that are known for quality results.

They usually come with additional features such as Connect+ or PartyBoost. This lets you connect more than one talker together. This increases the sound of music and makes it better, good for any situation.

You’ll start by connecting your first speaker to your iPhone using Bluetooth. Next, use the sound boost function on the second speaker you want to include. I’ll guide you through these easy steps to enjoy better music without problems.

How To Connect 2 JBL Speakers To Iphone?

With our experience, Joining two JBL speakers with an iPhone can make your music or sounds much better. This is very useful if you want a big sound that fills up an area or makes two small ones with stereo feel. We’re good at this job and can do it right. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Ensure Speaker Compatibility:

You must check that both your JBL speakers have the Joe Bean Line (JBL Connect or Connect+) feature. They need to use it for meeting up.

Step 2: Turn On the First JBL Speaker:

Press the on button to start using the speaker. Next, you can search for the light showing power to switch on. This proves to you that it can now link up with your device.

Step 3: Connect the First Speaker to Your iPhone:

  • Use the iPhone Settings app.
  • Press the ‘Bluetooth’ button. Make sure Bluetooth is on.
  • After you find the first JBL speaker under ‘Other Devices’, wait for it.
  • Tap the talker’s name to join it with your iPhone.
  • Usually, you hear a sound or receive a message when the connection works.

Step 4: Turn On the Second JBL Speaker:

  • Like the first one, push the power button on the second speaker as well.
  • Check if its light comes on to know that it’s working.

Step 5: Pair Both Speakers Together:

  • Hit the JBL Connect or Connect+ button on the first speaker. This button usually displays an hourglass-like sign.
  • Fastly, do the same on the second talker.
  • The two speakers will talk to each other so they can get a connection. This is typically shown by a noise or how the light patterns change.

Step 6: Confirm Successful Pairing:

  • When they join up, both people will hear the music in time.
  • Make changes to volume and settings when needed.

If you are having a party with grilling in your backyard. Using two JBL speakers, you can set them up in different spots of your yard. This arrangement not only provides music to the area, but also makes a fun and surrounding space. Its best for outdoor activities where you want to share the sound evenly.

Tips for Optimal Use

With my experience, to make the most of using two JBL speakers with an iPhone, remember a few important tips. Make both speakers play at the same level so you can hear well. It’s especially important in places with lots of people, like indoors events where music needs to fill up the room evenly.

You must make sure the path between your iPhone and speakers is free to guarantee a good Bluetooth connection – this is very important when you use your phone outside like at barbecues. Also, watch the battery life of your speakers; a small charger can be helpful for longer happenings.

Changing the sound levels for your iPhone can make it better in different places. Sometimes when you are relaxed or visiting others, these changes will make the sounds fit that situation.

Other times when there’s a lot of fun happening, those same adjustments won’t be needed so much and might even have been too much before then! Lastly, always think about your area and keep it quiet enough to not disturb others, especially if other people use the same place.

Is It Possible To Connect All Types Of JBL Speakers? 

If you’re wondering whether you can connect all types of JBL speakers together, it really depends on the speaker model. 

JBL has special features called Connect and Connect+ that let some of their speakers link up with each other. But not all JBL speakers have these features.

For example, a JBL Flip 4 can join with a JBL Charge 4. But it won’t connect to the same room as a JTL Clipper Lite Two. So we should make sure that what works together is from at least one of the pairs: (JBO Plips Dribs Four plus four) or just means either way making them work.

It’s necessary to make sure that your JBL speakers have these things before you attempt linking them up.

We usually notice this when making sound for shows or music performances. Ensuring your speakers can get connected is important for setting up good sound.

Can I Connect Any JBL Speaker To Another?

If you wonder if all kinds of JBL speakers can be linked, it’s mainly based on the kind of speaker they are.

JBL has special things called Connect and Connect+. These help make it easier to use the device with other gadgets or for longer distances. They allowed some of their talkers to meet up with one another. Yet, not all JBL speakers come with these extra features.

For example, a JBL Flip 4 can join with a JBL Charge 4 but it won’t work with the less expensive option like the $30 portable waterproof speaker -lrb- called langois. Info ‘s product profile of JBL clip omni ii stereo mini mp3 or you music video camera designed to be worn around your neck while doing Before you connect your JBL speakers, it’s key to see if they have these features. Please do this because without them the connection may be tricky or impossible.

We usually notice this when we set up sound for parties or concerts. Making your speakers able to connect is very important for getting good sound.


At audiosk, we’ve shown you an easy way to link two JBL speakers with your iPhone. We used features such as Connect or Connect+ made by JBL for this job. This method is great for making sound better in different places, from small areas to big groups of people coming together. Follow these steps to make sound more realistic.

This will make it easier and more fun for each listen. Wherever it is, using this method will make your sound experience much better.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.