How To Make All Speakers Work On Surround Sound: Easy Steps

Have problems with your surround sound? Are you interested in having all of your speakers run seamlessly? You’re in the right place! And we shall demonstrate how to obtain perfect speaker performance for you. This will provide you with good-quality music.

At audiosk, for good surround sound, all your speakers ought to be in sync. Completing your sound is not fun when you have a few non-operational speakers. We have a simple step-by-step guide that can enable to fix any issues with the surrounding sound. Whether you know much about sound systems or very little, it does not matter.

Let our advice allow you to get the most pleasure from playing the sound system.

Understanding Surround Sound

Surround Sound
Surround Sound

It provides surround sound where listening becomes more involving, through different speakers that ensure three-dimensional sound. Most often, it is the 5.1 system; it has five speakers plus a subwoofer. The subwoofer is placed near the front while three speakers are positioned in front of you and two speakers at the back.

Two or four more speakers are added to bigger systems such as 7.1 and 9.1. These additional ones can be placed at other locations like on top of you or behind you to make things even more interesting with the strange sounds.

To get surround sound working for you, an audio receiver that can effectively process and relay the multi-channel signal is required. In addition, a good combination of speakers is crucial to create a harmonized sound environment.

Positioning your speakers goes a long way in ensuring that you have good sound when doing surround sound setup. Position the left and right front speakers at ear-level and angle them toward your sitting position. A middle speaker should be installed on top of or underneath the TV.

Place the surround speakers slightly behind your seating position at ear level, directed slightly toward the center. Subwoofer goes anywhere, but usually close to front speakers.

A surround speaker system offers a thrilling experience. The most common one is the 5.1 system, which includes five speakers and a subwoofer. The sound will only be perfect when you have positioned the speakers well and a receiver that can deal with the surround sound.

Components of a Surround Sound System

Savoring Your Surround Audio Experience
Savoring Your Surround Audio Experience

Your home theater must have the right materials for a great surround sound. Here’s what you need:


Speakers are super important. You need at least five: a single centre, two fronts, and two surround speakers. Some others go to the extreme and have ceiling speakers to bring sounds from above.

Sound System

This is the center of your home theater. It has an amplifier and other parts that make up your surround-sound. Purchasing an independent receiver and speakers may be an option, as well as an all-in-one home theater system.


Bass sounds are handled by the subwoofer. It gives your sound more depth and body. It comes as an individual purchase or in a system with it.


Everything should be connected via cables. Speaker cables carry signals from the speakers to the receiver while HDMI cables send signals from the receiver to the TV.

A/V Receiver

Your surround sound begins with the A/V receiver which is the largest component. It converts the audio and video you get from sources like your cable box or Blu-Ray player into signals that can be processed by your speakers and TV.

Center Channel Speaker

These are what provide you with the voices for movies and TV shows. Ensure that it’s directly on top or beneath the TV for clear audio.

Surround Speakers

These speakers make the background sounds. They should be behind and to the sides of where you sit for the best sound.

So, a surround sound system has speakers, a sound system, a subwoofer, cables, an A/V receiver, a center speaker, and surround speakers. With these, your home theater will sound amazing!

Why All Surround Sound Speakers Might Not Work

Speakers for Surround Sound May Not Function
Speakers for Surround Sound May Not Function

You may find at some point that some speakers do not have sound from the speakers. This could happen for a few reasons:

  • Wrong Setup: Maybe these wires aren’t inserted into the right holes.
  • Bad Wires: The problem could lie in broken or faulty wires.
  • Receiver Settings: There may be a problem with your receiver’s settings and how they are set up.

Choosing the Right System for Your Budget

The number of options for a surround sound system can be overwhelming. Decide on what you will buy and how much you are willing to spend. Here are some tips to find a good system for your budget:

Set Your Budget

Decide what you will spend and save. The prices of surround sound systems vary from a few hundred to tens of thousands dollars. When you begin to look, it helps to know about your budget.

Think About Your Room

Your room size matters too. In a case where a smaller room is involved, one would only need a less elaborate and cheaper stereo system. You may consider buying a system with wireless or Bluetooth speakers for a larger room or just to achieve that awesome sound.

Look for Deals

You can be economical if you search for discounts. There are usually sales of electronics in stores. The cost of a refurbished computer or equipment might also come to your mind. They are usually much cheaper than new ones.

Don’t Forget Quality

However, you must always adhere to your budget. Never settle for a poor sound quality system with an affordable price tag. A product is better than other products that are not well-reviewed but have excellent sound quality.

However, when it comes to surround sound, finding the best value for money is crucial; that is, balancing the two. Do your homework and think through what you actually have to have, and you’ll be able to find a good system within your price range.

Enjoying Your Surround Sound System

With your surround sound system ready and speakers working up, it’s time to jump to an amazing listening adventure!

A good surround sound system brings any movie, music, or gaming to life. The right setup will make you feel as if you are in the heart of everything.

Observe how real and solid the sound is during a movie. From a soft whisper to loud bangs, you’ll hear everything. It can make that scary movie even more spooky when your ears pick up any faint sound around.

If you are into music, explore diverse genres of music. This will give you an idea of how some tunes go well with particular adjustments, and you can adjust your setup accordingly.

Listen to high-quality recordings for the best sound. It allows you to actually demonstrate what your system is capable of and enjoy it better.

Consider using headphones when listening to your system and don’t bother other people if you do not wish to be bugged by them. This allows you to achieve a full setup with no interference from other people.

Wireless speakers and Bluetooth are great for those who like things plain without any wires. They are mobile, cheap, and convenient to assemble. Alternatively, they could choose traditional stereo speakers.

One of the best things about a surround sound system is experimenting in an effort to find out what works better for you. B Experiment with the settings and arrangements until you get one that is just right for your ears.


At audiosk, ensuring all speakers work on a surround sound setup involves a blend of proper connection, configuration, and calibration. By meticulously connecting each speaker to the correct output, configuring the system through your receiver or sound processor, and calibrating the audio levels for a balanced surround sound experience, users can achieve an immersive audio environment.

Regular maintenance and updates, along with the use of compatible, high-quality cables and components, further enhance performance. Addressing these key aspects guarantees that all speakers function harmoniously, offering a rich, enveloping sound that transforms ordinary audio into a captivating, cinematic experience.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.