How To Make Speakers Louder: Full Guide

Do you have weak loudspeakers? Not sure how to make speakers louder? Don’t worry, the following article will discuss effortless and efficient ways to raise speaker loudness.

General Ways To Make A Speaker Louder

These are the most popular techniques for loudening speakers and enjoying more fantastic music.

How to make speakers louder without an amp?

How about increasing the volume of the loudspeaker without using an amplifier? Check out the methods below!

Make A Speaker Louder
  • Verify equalizer preferences

Most audio sources feature an equalization that may be used to change the sound’s bass and treble. You can change the equalizer’s settings to increase the loudspeaker’s volume.

  • Make use of high-quality cable

The loudness and sound quality might be affected by the cabling used to connect the speaker to the audio source. Using a high-quality cable can enhance and amplify the sound.

  • Employ additional subwoofers

You can purchase an additional subwoofer if you want louder speakers but don’t want to buy a new amplifier. They are designed specifically to recreate low-frequency sounds between 20 and 200 Hz. The subwoofer will aid in reproducing the bass and greatly boost the loudspeaker’s volume.

  • Connect several loudspeakers simultaneously

You can utilize this technique if you have a speaker that can connect to other speakers. Amplification of the sound will be quicker and more effective if it is played simultaneously on several speakers.

Connect several loudspeakers
  • Overseal the loudspeaker’s outer edges

You can use electrical tape or spongy foam to cover the loudspeaker cut-outs’ edges. It will help to strengthen the seal and stop the passage of sound and air. This could lead to a more robust, clearer, and smoother sound with less chance of warping and cancellation.

How to make speakers louder with a battery?

You can attempt using the suggestions below to use batteries to make the speaker louder:

  • Use batteries with higher voltage

Higher voltage batteries will give the loudspeaker more power, boost the loudspeaker power, and amplify sound more effectively.

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The battery with a greater voltage will aid in amplifying the speaker's sound
  • Use a larger-capacity battery.

A battery with a bigger capacity can be used to power the speakers and enable them to create a louder sound.

  • Making use of several batteries concurrently

Similar to the method described before, you can power the speaker with several batteries by using them simultaneously. From there, the speakers’ volume and capacity can be increased.

Tips For Making Speakers Louder 

Here are some helpful tips you can try to make your loudspeakers louder as quickly as possible:

  • Position the loudspeaker close to a wall

By reflecting off the wall, the sound will be amplified by the loudspeaker when it is placed close to the wall, increasing the volume by around 25%.

  • Position the speaker in a room corner

In a way that’s similar to the aforementioned advice, you can also position the speaker in the room’s corner to reflect the sound and boost volume by roughly 40%.

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The volume can be instantly raised by placing the speaker 
  • Set the speakers down on the ground

It has been demonstrated that placing your speakers on the floor as opposed to a table or couch would provide better sound. This enables a continuous vibration flow, which produces louder and better sounds.

  • Place the loudspeaker in a big box

Larger boxes will have more air volume, which will allow sound waves to move more quickly and loudly. From there, it can support loudspeaker amplification.

  • Remove surrounding obstructions

Some items can block or absorb sound, lowering the loudspeaker’s volume. Eliminating obstacles can increase loudspeaker volume and enhance sound quality.


The quick and efficient methods for raising speakers’ volume are listed above. You can use the aforementioned techniques to resolve your loudspeaker’s too-small issue!

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  1. Can I damage my speakers by making them too loud?

    That is possible. Because raising the volume overly much will heat up the driver or burn the driver's wire, hastening the loudspeaker's demise. 

  2. How do I know if my speakers are at their maximum volume?

    To determine, you can listen for any distortion or crackling sounds in the music. Alternatively, you can consult the manufacturer's instructions or search online for the details of the speaker model.

  3. Can software help make my speakers louder?

    By employing an equalizer to amp up a certain frequency band, certain applications or players can assist in boosting the loudspeaker's volume. However, you must be careful because increasing the volume too much will affect the sound quality.

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