Is JBL PartyBox 100 Waterproof? Find Out Here

The JBL PartyBox 100 is a Bluetooth speaker that gives great sound. It’s also easy to carry and bring with you wherever you go. But, one of the best things about this speaker is it can handle water. This means you can bring it to the beach or pool without worrying about it getting wet. No, the JBL PartyBox 100 can’t stop water from coming.

At Audiosk, this is okay with water so you can use it near pools and at the beach or other wet places without any issues. The talker can handle water up to a level of IPX4. This means it can handle splashes from all sides when there’s water around.’ But, this is okay with water so you can use it near pools and at the beach or other wet places without any issues. The talker can handle water up to a level of IPX4. This means it can handle splashes from all sides when there’s water around.

How About The Design Of JBL PartyBox 100?

Let’s see how the JBL PartyBox 100 is built. It’s like a smaller PartyBox 310, but it uses plastic and has a front screen. It’s easy to hold because it has two handles.The weight is not heavy, just 21.5 pounds. You can place it in various areas of your home, take it to a friend’s house or the park.

The PartyBox is very strong, made from tough plastics. But PartyBox 310 and PartyBox On-The-Go can withstand water better than the PartyBox 100. The main difference is that the last one doesn’t have IPX4 certification for protection against splashes of moisture. Its ports at the back are open. If it’s in light rain, it should be okay, but you don’t want those open ports to get soaked. The newer PartyBox 110, however, does have IPX4 protection.

Adding wheels and a pull handle to the JBL PartyBox 100 would be a great idea. It’s already easy to carry, but wheels would make it even simpler.

Now, the lights on the PartyBox 100 are quite something. JBL offers cool lighting modes. You change these by pressing a button on the speaker. Unlike the PartyBox 310, you can’t use the JBL app with the 100. So, you can’t control the lights from afar, and there are fewer modes and customization options. But, the lights still look great on the PartyBox 100.

About the technical details, the PartyBox 100 has a 12-hour battery life. But that’s if you play it at half volume, without the lights and bass boost. So, the life of the battery is based on how you use the speaker.

The PartyBox 100’s battery lasts for 12 hours

The Battery: The JBL PartyBox 100 speaker has good sound, but it’s better when the bass boost is turned on. This sound system has two ways to make the bass stronger. We enjoy using it at level 1 to get a good noise. If you want to rock the house really hard, level 2 is very strong. Just keep in mind, using level 2 uses more battery than level 1. In real use, using 80% volume with lights on and setting the bass boost to level 1, you can play for about 5 to 6 hours. That’s quite nice, because it provides a lot of bass and can get very loud.

The Connectivity: The PartyBox 100 uses Bluetooth 4.2 for connection and can join with two devices at the same time. This means both you and your friend can choose songs. You can watch videos on your phone without any delay, no matter if it’s an iPhone or Android. It uses SBC and AAC sound codecs. On the back, there’s a mic and guitar input. Also, you can turn up or down their sounds using knobs.

There’s also a port for USB A. You can play music from a USB drive, or charge your devices, though it’s not super fast. We hope the PartyBox 110 will have a USB C port for charging, as many phones now come with USB C cables. Next to the USB A port are the Audio in and Audio out jacks. Use the Audio in for a wired connection. Sound out lets you join and match songs with other speakers.

The Driver: Let’s discuss the feeling of hearing music on a JBL PartyBox 100. This talker has two woofers facing the front and a release hole at the back, along with two small sound-makers in front. The PartyBox 100 gives 160 watts of power when you connect it. But when it’s using its battery, it gives 100 watts. To use this speaker well, just plug it in. It will get noisier and the bass beat will be stronger. Even without power, the PartyBox 100 is still very loud and has a good amount of bass for most people to have fun.

Sound Performance

Now, let’s look closely at how the JBL PartyBox 100 sounds. We will check it using its own battery, trying it first without boom upshift and then with level 1 bass boost. The PartyBox sounds a little flat without extra bass. But, when you activate the bass boost, it becomes a completely new story. It sounds amazing, really balanced. The voice is clear, the bass sounds strong and the speaker feels spacious.

The PartyBox 100 does well in keeping the bass and sound equal, even when you make it louder. Something to remember is that JBL doesn’t let you adjust the sound levels like some other speakers. We believe it sounds good with the bass boost set to level 1. If you want more sound from the low notes, just change to level 2 and maybe put it near a wall for extra impact.

Regarding the JBL PartyBox 100, a common question is about its compatibility with JBL Connect Plus vs PartyBoost. While the PartyBox 100 offers impressive sound, it’s essential to note that it uses JBL’s PartyBoost technology, not Connect Plus. This means for those looking to pair multiple speakers, the PartyBox 100 works seamlessly with other PartyBoost-enabled JBL speakers.

However, it won’t link with speakers using the older Connect Plus technology. This distinction is crucial for users planning a synchronized audio setup with multiple speakers. Remember, while discussing its features, the PartyBox 100 itself is not waterproof.

Is JBL Partybox 100 Actually Waterproof?

The JBL PartyBox 100 is a small Bluetooth speaker that plays music well. It’s great for parties but can’t be used in water. This device can handle water splashes from all sides because it has a rating of IPX4. But, you should not put it underwater or use it when heavy rain is coming down. This makes it good for places where water might splash, like near pools or at the beach. But to keep from harming it, avoid too much direct contact with water.

The PartyBox 100 is a part of JBL’s famous group of sound products, known for their rich and good quality sounds. Though made for easy transport and strength, mostly using plastic material with handles built-in. We need to remember its shortcomings when being around water. The ports on the back of the PartyBox 100 are all open, unlike other models like the PartyBox 310 or On-The-Go which have better safety for their plugs. So, it’s okay if a little rain doesn’t hurt the PartyBox 100. But you should keep it from getting soaked to make sure that it stays strong and works well over time.

Well-performing little Bluetooth speaker, the JBL PartyBox 100

The PartyBox 100 has other great features too. It gives out strong sound with different settings for more bass and long battery life that changes depending on use. It also has a light feature for look effects, improving the party mood. But, it can’t connect to JBL’s PartyBox app for controlling these features from a distance like some other advanced devices.

In general, the JBL PartyBox 100 is a good pick if you want an easy-to-carry sound system for parties and meetings. Just remember that it doesn’t work well with water, so always check for liquids near your device.

JBL Partybox 100 Problems

If you enjoy loud music, the JBL PartyBox 100 might appeal to your ears. It’s a little Bluetooth speaker that is great for parties. People enjoy it due to the bright light display and loud sound. But, it’s not perfect.

Some problems with the PartyBox 100 are, it gets very hot when used for a long time. This can cause it to turn off suddenly. If this occurs, hold off until the talker settles down before using it again. Also, its light display can be too bright in dark rooms and might not suit a relaxed place. Some folks believe their Bluetooth connection isn’t as solid as they thought, leading to issues like music stopping.

If your speaker is not working properly, try updating its firmware. Updates can make it work better. Also, putting the speaker nearer to your Bluetooth source can be a good idea. It’s because distance or interference might weaken the connection. If these don’t work, maybe doing a speaker reset could solve any ongoing problems.

You might find the JBL PartyBox 100 appealing

JBL Partybox 100 Hidden Features

This Bluetooth speaker is made for people who enjoy having parties and hosting guests. It has two big 10-inch woofers and two small 3-inch tweeters. It’s very loud with 120 watts RMS power, enough to make a big room full of clear sound. You can also join two PartyBox 100s to make the sound louder.

The PartyBox 100’s light show feature has four LED lights with seven different modes like “Mood” that slowly fades, “Pulse” that follows the beat and the random “Party” mode. These lights make your get-togethers even more fun.

For connection, it uses Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless playback and has a 3.5mm Aux port to connect other sound equipment. Moreover, its built-in battery can last for 18 hours. This makes it perfect to use outside without needing a power source nearby.


At audiosk, So all in all, I don’t really have any problems with how the Party Box 100 sounds. It sounds even, reaches a good volume and has enough bass for its size. The JBL Party Box 100 sounds good when using bass boost level 1. It has clear words, a strong base and an open sound that gets as loud as needed. If you want to use this speaker more, just plug it in when needed.

The actual battery life in everyday use for this speaker is okay, but it relies on how you operate the device. When the bass boost level is 2 and lights are turned on, it will use up battery power.

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