JBL Flip Essential Vs Flip 6: Detailed Comparison Guide

In our guide, we compare two popular speakers from JBL: the JBL Flip Essential vs Flip 6. These speakers are known for their great sound and portability, but they have different features and uses.

We’ll look closely at how they sound, how long their batteries last? This will help you understand the differences and decide which one might be better for you. Whether you love music or just want a good speaker, our comparison at audiosk will give you a clear picture of what each JBL model offers.

Table Of Comparison: Key Differences Between Flip Essential Vs Flip 6

Beside, the difference beetween JBL flip essential vs Flip 5. You can see the notable distinctions between the two speakers before we go into my in-depth experience. 

FeatureJBL Flip EssentialJBL Flip 6

Sound QualityGood, balanced soundSuperior, with enhanced clarity
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours of playtimeUp to 12 hours of playtime
Water ResistanceIPX7 (can be submerged in water)IP67 (dustproof and waterproof)
Bluetooth Version4.15.1 
USB ports 21
Size8.97 cm x 21.3 cm x 8.7 cm7.2 cm x 17.8 cm x 6.8 cm
PortabilityCompact and portableSimilar in size but may be slightly heavier
DesignBasic, more traditional designMore modern design with fresh color options
ConnectivityStandard Bluetooth connectivityBluetooth, PartyBoost for multiple speaker connection
PriceGenerally less expensiveMore expensive due to advanced features
Party Boost feature NoYes
Voice commandsYesNo
Charging time3.5 hours2.5 hours

JBL Flip Essential Vs Flip 6: In Depth Comparison

Now let’s compare the JBL Charge Essential Vs JBL Flip 6 in terms of their differences:

Sound quality

As sound experts, we’ve taken a close look at both the JBL Flip Essential and the JBL Flip 6 to see which one gives the best sound quality. It turns out, both of these speakers are really impressive.

When you play songs with a lot of beats, you can still hear the singing really clearly, like it’s crystal clear. They both have this energy that makes you want to keep listening to music without even realizing how much time has passed.

When it comes to songs with a lot of bass, the JBL Flip 6 is just a little bit better than the Flip Essential. We noticed that the bass in the Flip 6 is deeper and sounds really good, especially when the music drops.

This is thanks to the special parts in the speaker, called passive radiators, that really bring out the bass. So, if you’re someone who loves bass in your music, the Flip 6 would be a great choice.

JBL Flip Essential vs Flip 6:

But we also found out that both speakers don’t do very well with songs that have really high-pitched sounds. Like in the song “Perfect”, it’s hard to hear some of the instruments because the singing and drums are too loud. But apart from that, both speakers sound fantastic.

Are you thinking about getting a speaker for parties outside, like in your yard or near the pool? Both of these speakers would be great for that.

They’re made to handle water, so even if it rains, they’ll be okay. What’s really cool about the Flip 6 is that it has this PartyBoost feature. This lets you connect it to other speakers that are compatible, and it makes the music even louder and more fun. We think the Flip 6 is the best choice for outdoor parties because of this.

Battery life

When you pick a speaker, think about how long the battery lasts. Among these two, the JBL Flip 6 wins for longer playing time.

The JBL Flip 6 can play music for up to 12 hours and charges in just 2.5 hours. On the other hand, the JBL Essential can play for 10 hours and needs 3.5 hours to charge.

Remember, you get these long playtimes only if you use the speaker at quiet levels (25-30%). If you play loud music, the battery runs out much faster. For example, the JBL Flip Essential only worked for 3 hours at its loudest.

Durability and water resistance

We’ve closely examined the durability and resilience of both the JBL Flip 6 and JBL Flip Essential speakers. It’s worth noting that the materials used in these speakers are of high quality and robustness.

This makes them capable of withstanding accidental drops from everyday heights like the side of our bed or a work desk. However, we always advise against deliberately testing this durability, as it’s not guaranteed in extreme conditions.

Both models are excellently suited for outdoor events, thanks to their water resistance capabilities. 

They can withstand submersion in water up to a meter deep for about 30 minutes. This feature is particularly useful during unexpected rain showers at outdoor gatherings. However, caution is advised if you’re near a pool, as most are deeper than a meter, and exceeding this depth could potentially damage the speakers.

The JBL Flip 6 boasts an IP67 rating, indicating it’s not only waterproof but also completely dust resistant. This makes it a fantastic choice for beach outings where sand and water are common concerns. 

On the other hand, the JBL Flip Essential has an IPX7 rating, ensuring it’s waterproof but doesn’t offer the same level of dust resistance. This would be more suited for poolside activities or rainy outdoor events where dust isn’t a major factor.

When it comes to overall durability, particularly considering the additional dust resistance, the JBL Flip 6 emerges as the top choice. Its robust build and higher resistance rating make it a more versatile option for various outdoor conditions.


We’ve taken a close look at the Bluetooth capabilities of the JBL Flip 6 and the JBL Flip Essential. The JBL Flip 6 stands out with its use of Bluetooth 5.1, the latest technology in this area.

This version ensures a more stable and faster connection with other devices, enhancing the user’s experience.

JBL Flip Essential

Regarding connectivity, it’s important to note that the JBL Flip Essential offers an additional USB port. This allows users to connect two devices simultaneously, a handy feature for those who might want to switch between different audio sources quickly.

In contrast, the JBL Flip 6 has just one port, which might limit this kind of flexibility.

A standout feature of the JBL Flip 6 is its PartyBoost capability. This innovative function lets you link up to 100 compatible speakers, creating an immensely powerful sound system. Imagine hosting a large outdoor event or a backyard party with this setup – the sound would be incredibly immersive! Unfortunately, this is a feature you won’t find in the JBL Flip Essential.

Another significant advantage of the JBL Flip 6 is its compatibility with the JBL Portable App. This app puts complete control of your audio experience at your fingertips.

You can adjust the bass, amplify the sound, and explore many other customization options, allowing for a tailored listening experience.

In our expert opinion, considering these features, the JBL Flip 6 again proves to be the superior choice in this comparison.


Both JBL speakers look quite the same. They have a big JBL logo on a tough cloth grille that goes all around a tube-like speaker. They both have a strap, making it super easy to take them anywhere.

The JBL Flip Essential is about 80 grams lighter than the Flip 6 and is smaller by almost 25%. This small difference makes the Essential a bit easier to take places.

So, does this tiny difference matter when picking between these two speakers? It depends! We didn’t notice much change since we used it at home. But, if you love traveling or need a speaker for a big hiking trip, the lighter Flip Essential is a better pick.

About the extra features, the JBL Flip Essential has a MicroUSB port for power and two USB ports for connecting other things. On the other hand, the JBL Flip 6 uses a Type C USB for charging and has only one USB port.

When it comes to looks and being easy to carry, the JBL Flip Essential is more popular.


As an expert in the field of sound, I’ll provide an insightful comparison between the JBL Flip Essential and the Flip 6, focusing on their price points. The JBL Flip Essential is often marketed as a budget-friendly option within JBL’s range of portable speakers. 

It provides essential features like good sound quality and robust design at a more affordable price, making it a great choice for those who are looking for reliable performance without the need for advanced features or the latest technology. 

The JBL Flip 6 sits at a higher price tier. This model includes upgraded features such as better sound quality with deeper bass, longer battery life, and improved connectivity options. It also often boasts more durable construction and may offer additional features like water resistance.

The price difference between these two models generally reflects the gap in their features and performance capabilities, with the Flip 6 being the choice for those willing to invest more for enhanced sound and functionality.

JBL flip Essential Vs Flip 6: Which is better?

When comparing the JBL Flip Essential and the Flip 6, it’s clear that each one has its own strong points. The Flip Essential is great for its simple design and easy-to-use features. It’s perfect if you want a speaker that’s straightforward and does the job well.

On the other hand, the Flip 6 steps up with better sound quality and more features. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for something with a bit more power and options.

In the end, the best one depends on what you need. If you want something basic and easy, go for the Flip Essential. But if you’re after great sound and more features, the Flip 6 is the way to go.

Final Thought

At audiosk, we’ve covered all the main differences between these two speakers. Let’s see which one suits your budget best.

So, what’s the best choice for your money? If we were in your place and had some extra cash, we’d pick the JBL Flip 6. It’s a better deal because it has superior sound, longer battery life, and better connectivity.

But if your budget is tight and you want a good speaker without spending a lot, the JBL Flip Essential is the way to go. You’ll definitely like it! Yet, if you can spend a bit more, we suggest the JBL Flip 6.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.