JBL Go 4 Release Date Revealed: Be The First To Own

There’s always a debate among JBL fans before a new release: Will the JBL GO 4 maintain affordability while upgrading features? If it follows the tradition of its predecessors, it might just strike that perfect balance between cost and quality.

JBL fans still speak about how JBL Go 3’s design transformed from plain to elegant. JBL Go 4 rumors represent a leaner design and more color options that will please tech fans. Let’s discover with Audiosk why everyone shouts about your likely new favorite speaker!

JBL Go 4 Release Date

Will you be patient till you hear when is the JBL Go 4 release date? The precise release date of the JBL GO 4 has not been announced by JBL. Looking at when they introduced their other speaker, though, we can make a reasonably likely guess: 

  • February 2015 saw the release of the first JBL GO.
  • The JBL GO 2 arrived in January of 2018—three years after the first release.
  • In October of 2021, JBL released the JBL GO 3.

In the audio world, JBl is always a good brand. It seems like JBL likes to bring out a new GO speaker every three years. So, if we follow this pattern, we might see the JBL GO 4 in 2024, probably during the winter.

While we wait for JBL to give us the official date, we can start getting excited about what this new speaker might have. My cousin Lisa has had every JBL GO speaker since the first one. She always says how each new version outdoes the last. The JBL GO 4 will be remarkable, since she’s saving up for it to surpass all prior versions.

Personally, I even have a wishlist for the JBL GO 4. I am hoping for more battery life and even better bass. 

If JBL shares any news about the JBL GO 4, I’ll make sure to update this post. So, keep checking back.

Key Features and Upgrades of JBL Go 4 vs Previous Models

We predict some special features that JBL Go 4 must have in their design to boost its sound quality and performance:

Design and Build

The JBL GO 4 isn’t just a speaker; it’s a style statement. With a modern look, it’s perfect for anyone who wants their tech to be as trendy with new color options as they are.

Made with durable premium plastic and sturdy fabric on the sides, this speaker is built to last. Take it anywhere without worry. Ever since our old speaker got water-damaged, my friends and I can’t wait for the JBL GO 4. Its rumored higher waterproof rating with an IPX7 rating has us planning more pool parties. 

The JBL GO 4 comes in new, cool colors. It’s designed to match the tastes of young, vibrant music lovers. Those like fashion influencers are eagerly waiting for the JBL GO 4. It will be the perfect accessory to complement their stylish vlogs and outdoor shoots.

When you put it next to older models, the JBL GO 4 stands out. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being better in every way.

Sound Quality and Performance

Only positive things can be said about the JBL GO 4. According to reports, the GO 4’s improved bass and treble make every note sharp and every rhythm strike just so. It’s exciting to hear my jazz collection with more crispy sound.

As someone who always streams music, I’m also interested in the JBL GO 4’s rumored Bluetooth 5.4. For more stable connections during our study times, this would be something to look forward to.

The built-in battery not only lasts longer but also charges faster. I love the idea of quickly powering up speaker between my classes. 

The JBL GO 4 supports wireless charging. I can’t wait for the JBL GO 4 because wireless charging eliminates cables and matches my tech-savvy lifestyle.

When put side by side with previous models, the GO 4 clearly shines with its improved features and performance.

The early JBL GO speakers have surprising good sound considering their small size. JBL GO, GO 2, and GO 3 focused on clear sound with decent bass for their size. 

The JBL GO 4 takes this a step further. The GO 4’s drivers and sound engineers strive to increase bass and treble clarity and depth as well as loud volume. Classic rock fans will like the JBL GO 4’s richer sound. You’ll be intrigued by how the boosted bass and treble will revitalize your favorite 1970s and 1980s songs.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Early Bluetooth versions like 4.1 or 4.2 were adequate but had range and stability issues.

The GO 4’s Bluetooth 5.4 improves stability and range. I listened to the JBL GO 3 at a summer picnic with friends. Music stuttered whenever someone shot a photo from farther away on their phone. We’ll look forward to flawless music around the picnic location with the GO 4’s Bluetooth 5.4.

Waterproofing and Durability

With an IPX7 certification, the JBL GO 3 improves waterproofing.

The JBL GO 4 keeps this protection level high, making sure sound quality is unaffected in rainy events. On time my garden’s celebration was interrupted by rain. Nobody touched the JBL on the table while we saved food and pillows. It was a waterproof GO 3. With the GO 4, we can organize more outside events rain or shine knowing our music source is safe.

Battery Life and Charging

Previous JBL GO 3 versions had good battery life but lengthy recharge periods. Wireless charging was not an option. 

Longer battery life, quicker charging, and wireless charging are promised with JBL GO 4. Spend more time listening to music and less time charging.

The Price of the JBL Go 4

JBL hasn’t announced the GO 4’s price. it’s likely to be $60–$70 USD The prior models, such the GO 3, were affordable and valuable. The JBL GO 4 may follow this pattern, maybe with a little price rise due to its additional capabilities.

Once it’s out, you’ll likely find the JBL GO 4 in all the usual places- available online, in electronics stores, and maybe on JBL’s website.

Pre-ordering the GO 4 from JBL is a terrific way to receive it first. Stay tuned to JBL’s website and major electronics shops for pre-orders.

The price increased somewhat with each subsequent generation from the JBL GO to the GO 3. Because each iteration had improved features and sound. We expect the GO 4 will cost more than the GO 3, but it’s still a terrific deal: 

  • JBL GO : The first JBL GO cost roughly $30 USD. It established the series as a cheap, portable speaker with good sound.
  • JBL GO 2: The JBL GO 2 cost $40 USD more. The boost was attributable to sound quality, design, and waterproofing.
  • JBL GO 3: The JBL GO 3, the latest model, cost $50 USD at launch. This pricing stood for improved audio performance, design, and construction quality, including waterproofing and stronger materials.

This predicted pricing takes into account model hikes and advancements in sound quality, battery life, connection, and design.

Given these prices and amenities, each JBL GO series model aims to give more value with better performance and features, validating the incremental price rise. Each model is attractive in its price range because to its quality, durability, and mobility.

From time to time when I upgraded from the original JBL GO, I liked the stronger construction, sound, and battery life. Given my frequent outside use, I believed these upgrades were worth every cent.

Final words

JBL increased sound quality, design, and utility. The 2024 release promises a speaker that’s more than simply an upgrade. t’s a new portable audio standard. 

The JBL GO 4 will be worth the wait for fans like us of the series or newcomers to JBL’s ingenuity. Stay tuned with Audiosk for developments and prepare to enjoy JBL GO 4 portable sound like never before.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.