Why Does My JBL Flip 4 Keep Turning Off: Easy Fixes

JBL is a company has been in business for over seven decades, also a big-name in manufacturing top-quality speakers and sound systems. Even while JBL speakers are reliable, they might nevertheless break down sometimes. 

If you’re wondering why does your JBL Flip 4 keeps turning off, you’re in the right place. This Audiosk post will highlight several different reasons why your JBL speaker keeps turning off. 

Why Does My JBL Flip 4 Keep Turning Off?

If your JBL Flip keeps turning off, there are several possible reasons. But first, let’s find the information of JBL Flip 4 speakers:

Specification of JBL Flip 4

The design of JBL Flip 4 does not have too many differences compared to its brother Flip 3. The product still maintains a cylindrical shape with a soft, sturdy, flexible nylon fabric layer surrounding the speaker body, protecting the internal parts for safety.

The most impressive point of the JBL Flip 4 speaker is that it can connect simultaneously via bluetooth to two different devices within a range of 10m and in turn emit stereo sound. You can also talk to Siri or Google Now through the Flip 4 speaker with just the push of a button.

In terms of sound quality, JBL Flip 4 is famous for creating vivid, bass-bouncing and clear sound. The sound can be heard clearly within a wide range of up to 50m. When talking, thanks to the integrated microphone with SoundClear technology, it can prevent noise and echo, helping you hear the sound more clearly.

The speaker has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a capacity of 3000mAh, giving the speaker impressive music listening time, up to 12 hours continuously.

Reasons Your JBL Flip 4 Speaker Keeps Turning Off

Beside JBL Xtreme Keeps Turning Off, JBL Flip 4 also has many reasons

Outdated Firmware

JBL speaker uses firmware that needs to be updated occasionally. Since speakers are not as interactive of an electronic device as items such as phones and computers, not everyone realizes that they require updates to keep working properly. Using outdated firmware can cause issues with normal operations and possibly result in the speaker shutting down or turning off randomly.

Battery Failure

JBL Bluetooth speakers have rechargeable batteries which must have adequate charge to operate optimally. JBL speakers use high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries. Although these batteries retain power for extended periods. They can only withstand 300 to 400 charge cycles before losing their ability to hold a charge .

Constant overcharging or exposure to extreme temperatures can significantly degrade the battery’s performance over time. Lithium-ion batteries have a short lifespan and might require replacements sooner. If the battery level is low, your speaker won’t stay on for long.

Auto-Off Feature

Most JBL speakers have an automatic turn-off feature that will shut down the speaker after a certain amount of inactivity. This is a feature that helps you save battery life for your music speaker. When you do not play music for a period of time, the speaker will automatically turn off. This may be uncomfortable for some people who don’t have their hands free to adjust music, for example making cakes or taking a bath.

Faulty Circuit Board

Its sturdy construction and ability to withstand water make the JBL Flip 4 a popular choice. However, if not handled with care, any product might develop flaws. Even if only a few droplets of water accidentally enter the machine, damage to the internal design may occur. You should promptly take it to the company’s warranty or a reliable repair shop in such a circumstance. Use conventional ways like drying it in a drier or placing it in a jar of rice, but don’t leave it for too long. More severe issues with the gadget could be the result of this.


One of the most common reasons why your JBL speaker is turning off is overheating. Using the speaker outdoors or in direct contact with the sun can cause the speaker to overheat. Many electronic devices can overheat quite easily and are designed to shut down when this happens to make sure nothing gets permanently damaged.

How To Fix a JBL FLIP 4 Speaker That Keep Turning Off?

Reset The Power

First, make sure your speaker is not connected to a power supply or charger. Next, hold down the power button for 30 seconds.

Due to a forced power cycle, forced power cycle is when a device is turned off and then turned back on using the physical power button.

Replace The Battery

A faulty, old, or swollen battery will prevent the JBL Flip 4 from turning on or working properly. If you had your speaker for more than two (2) or three (3) years, there’s a high chance its battery has completed its charging cycles. The Lithium-ion polymer battery will also get damaged if you store the speaker improperly, expose it to high temperatures, or experience physical damage.

To fix this, you must replace the battery with a new one. Please pay attention to the replacement battery for the speaker, it must be genuine. Because if you use a battery that is not suitable for the device, the battery and device may not adapt and explode, causing danger to the user. Send the speaker to an authorized repair center (if you still have a warranty) or to a local electronic repair shop and they will replace it for you.

Button Combinations

#4. PlayPause + Vol.Up + Vol.Down -> hard reset (should simulate disconnecting the battery). This is often the best way to restore a bricked speaker, and will fix most issues, it has worked many times for me

#6. PlayPause + Vol.Up for 2 seconds -> factory settings (erases the history of paired devices).

Update Firmware

If pressing the power button multiple times does the trick, it is most likely a firmware problem- Download the JBL app if you haven’t already downloaded it, connect to the internet, and then see if the “firmware update” bubble pops up. If it does, make sure to follow instructions and update it, and if it doesn’t, just ignore this.

How can I reset my JBL speaker?

First steps is locate the ‘Volume Up’ (+) and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons on your speaker. Then, press and hold these two buttons simultaneously for about 10-20 seconds. You should see the speaker power off and then power back on, or you might hear a distinctive sound indicating the reset is complete.

If the battery drains significantly faster than expected under normal usage conditions, it might indicate a battery issue. Check if the battery level indicator is behaving erratically. For instance, it might show a full charge one moment and then suddenly drop to a low charge without much use.

What should I do if my JBL Flip 4 gets too hot and turns off?

Please be careful when using the speaker to avoid overheating when used outdoors. You must avoid direct light on the speaker or use it in places with too hot temperatures. This can lead to fire and explosions and is dangerous for music listeners. 


In our comprehensive guideline, you can learn some easy fixes when your JBL speaker keeps turning off. Operating a JBL speaker that keeps turning off can be frustrating if you don’t know how to fix it. Fortunately, resetting the speaker or updating its firmware can help solve the problem.

If your JBL Flip 4 isn’t turning on, try all the fixes recommended in this article. Audiosk suggestion is to take the speaker for a firmware check, and these fixes work for us.

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Ciaran Gonzan

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