Bose vs Samsung: Which Best to Buy?

bose vs samsung soundbar

Are you struggling to choose between Bose vs Samsung soundbar for your next audio adventure? Picking the right brand in this sea of high-tech sound gadgets can be as tricky as finding your favorite song in a playlist of thousands.

Audiosk here to guide you through this audio maze with some friendly advice from comparing these differences between two brands below:

We’ll make your decision easier by breaking down the differences in a simple, relatable way. We’re talking about the things that really matter: sound quality, brand reputation, price and availability, connectivity, and shape and size :

Sound Quality

Bose: The resonant, detailed sound produced by Bose soundbars is iconic. Their clarity is quite stunning.

The resonant, detailed sound produced by Bose soundbars is iconic

No matter what kind of audio you’re listening to, the sound is always crystal clear.

Just imagine yourself picking up on a movie scene’s subtlest details, like a guitar pluck or a murmured line. Bose provides an immersive experience like that.

Samsung: In contrast, vibrant and appealing sound is the signature of Samsung soundbars. Their brand rests on the powerful bass that amplifies any musical performance.

Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy music or watching an action movie, Samsung soundbars will put you in the centre of the action.

Almost as if you were in a movie theatre, you can here in your living room experience the shaking sound of an explosion or the thud of the bass of your favourite dance song.

Brand Reputation

Anyone who prefers high-quality audio is familiar with the brand Bose. They are beloved by music lovers and audiophiles due to have a name for sonic innovation.

Bose makes more than simply headphones; they craft an immersive experience. Fans of deep, authentic sound that stays true to the original artist’s intent often choose their soundbars. For a truly engrossing and authentic sound, it’s the brand to choose.

Samsung is noted for TVs and phones, but don’t miss their soundbars. Tech fans will love their style and power.

Samsung is noted for TVs and phones, but don't miss their soundbars

Samsung soundbars blend tech and entertainment supremely. They fit well in any modern home. If you love new gadgets, check out Samsung’s great soundbars.

Price and Availability

Bose: Bose soundbars are top-notch in audio. They’re like luxury cars: expensive but worth it. Bose has options for different budgets, all high quality.

Bose has options for different budgets, all high quality

Samsung: Samsung’s soundbars are more wallet-friendly. They balance cost and performance. You can easily find them online or in stores, making them a handy choice.


Bose: Connecting Bose soundbars is straightforward. They make your life easier with user-friendly design. included features like HDMI and optical connections are available on most Bose models, but they frequently go above and beyond. 

For wireless online streaming, you’ll discover both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, there are versions that enable Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2. So, it’s effortless to connect your iPhone or Android device to a Bose soundbar. 

When you are at a party and effortlessly flipping to your favourite podcast with a voice command or playing a playlist from your phone over your speaker. That is the level of ease that Bose provides. 

Samsung: Smart connection is all about Samsung soundbars. In addition to the standard Bluetooth and HDMI connections, several Samsung soundbars have Samsung’s unique Q-Symphony technology, which enhances the listening experience by syncing the sound with compatible Samsung TVs. 

Plus, you can control and connect all of your smart home devices with ease thanks to their pairing for Samsung’s SmartThings app.

how much easier your entertainment setup would be if your Samsung TV and soundbar

You’ll realize that how much easier your entertainment setup would be if your Samsung TV and soundbar could be controlled using the same remote or app.

Shape and Size

Bose: The neat, elegant style of Bose soundbars makes them a versatile addition to any home. Most Bose soundbars, like the commonplace Bose Soundbar 700, are lightweight enough to fit in a range of rooms, from modest apartments to broad living rooms. 

The neat, elegant style of Bose soundbars makes them a versatile addition to any home

If you want a soundbar that won’t take up your room, but will still provide superb sound, a tiny version is an appealing bet. You can either place it under your TV or mount it on the wall

Samsung: Samsung soundbars are beloved for their creative designs. Similar to the Samsung Q-Series soundbars, they are renowned for their somewhat larger build, but they also provide chic looks. The high-tech components and extra features, such Q-Symphony technology or built-in subwoofers, are to blame for this. 

You can make these soundbars the showpiece of your entertainment room by pairing them with substantial TVs. If you’re looking for a visually appealing soundbar for an expansive room, Samsung might be a good option to keep in mind.

If you're looking for a visually appealing soundbar for an expansive room, Samsung might be a good option to keep in mind

Which is better: Bose vs Samsung Soundbar ?

As someone who has used both brands, here’s my take in this table to compare these two brands based on their key features: sound quality, design, connectivity, price, brand reputation, shape and size:

FeatureBose SoundbarsSamsung Soundbars
Sound QualityKnown for detailed and rich sound, with clear highs and mids.Offers dynamic and powerful audio, with strong bass performance.
DesignSleek, minimalistic design that blends into any decor.Bold and dynamic, often larger with a noticeable presence.
ConnectivityOffers a range of options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and often supports voice assistants.Features unique tech like Q-Symphony and often integrates well with Samsung TVs.
PriceGenerally positioned as a premium option in the market.Tends to be more budget-friendly with a range of options.
Brand ReputationRenowned for superior sound quality and audio innovation.Known for technological expertise and broad electronics range.
Shape & SizeCompact and subtle, ideal for various spaces.More robust, designed for a strong visual impact in larger rooms.

From my own experience, if you’re an audiophile who values clarity and detail in sound, go for Bose. Their soundbars provide an immersive experience that’s hard to match.

For movie lovers and those who enjoy a powerful bass, Samsung is the better choice. The sound is dynamic and fills the room, making you feel like you’re in a cinema.

Our choice between Bose and Samsung soundbars should depend on your personal preferences in sound quality, budget, and the aesthetic of your space. Both brands offer excellent options, but they cater to different tastes and needs.

Besides, you also need to place the soundbar properly to optimize the sound,

Wrapping it up on Bose vs Samsung Soundbar

In comparing Bose and Samsung soundbars, it boils down to your preference for sound quality and budget.

Bose soundbars offer exceptional clarity and detailed sound, perfect for those who appreciate nuanced audio.

Samsung, however, excels in vibrant, bass-heavy sound, ideal for action movies and music enthusiasts.

Bose is a bit pricier, reflecting its premium sound quality, while Samsung offers more budget-friendly options. Connectivity-wise, both brands provide user-friendly features, but Samsung’s unique technologies like Q-Symphony stand out.

Audiosk suggest that you should choose Bose for its audio finesse or Samsung for powerful sound and value for money.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.