Where To Place Soundbar? Some Options

At audiosk, you’ll have a much better TV time with soundbars. You place them together with your television for a really great sound. They’re better than just using your TV speakers. Wind through movies, shows or games. A soundbar makes everything sound superb. Just make sure where you place it is the best way to get sound.

Where Should I Place My Soundbar? 

But soundbars are great speakers for improving your songs, so does the question of where to place them still remain? Close to the TV for optimum volume and convenience is a choice most experts suggest.

However, if you’re still in search of soundbar location ideas then we have you covered. When comparing models like the Bose Soundbar 700 vs 900, either has special features for wall-mounted setups. 

Mount Your TV Soundbar On The Wall

Mount your TV soundbar on the wall. This is one of the best places for it. don’t let it touch or cover your TV. Thus, soundbars are usually easy to hang up. The sound comes straight to you when it is hung on the wall. The result is that you can hear everything more clearly, without any strange buzzes getting in the way.

If your soundbar speakers face up, this is excellent. These speakers send the sound up to the ceiling and it returns as a reflection. It’s like you are sitting in a 3D-sound movie theater.

Place Your TV Soundbar On A Stand

Another excellent choice is to put your soundbar on a TV stand. In setups designed for home theater, most TV stands are made with a special place to put in the soundbars. And this makes it very easy to set up your soundbar.

This arrangement is like mounting it on the wall, which allows sound waves to travel freely. In other words, you experience a clearer and more engaging sound like in a movie theater.

Install Your TV Soundbar In A Cabinet

On the other hand, if you want to go more revolutionary for a home theater effect, then you could stick your soundbar inside a cabinet. This is fine if your soundbar just doesn’t quite fit under your TV. Here it is important not to place the soundbar too deep or right up against the corners of the cabinet.

If possible, place it as close to the cabinet’s front edge as you can. This arrangement keeps the sound clear and not muddy, avoiding the most common weakness of loudspeakers, that they muffle sound.

But this setup is undoubtedly one good option for a smooth integration look in your rec room–and tech with taste. If you’re considering bookshelf speakers vs a soundbar, it’s important to understand the space requirements and audio output.

Where you place it is the best way to get sound 
Where you place it is the best way to get sound 

Some other ways to place your soundbar

Mounting Your Soundbar Above The TV: If either your TV area is low or your TV is high, put the soundbar above the TV. This brings the sound out at you, close to ear level. Great for watching and listening.

Placing Your Soundbar Below The TV: This one’s for those who like to lie on the floor or lean back on bean bags. Place the soundbar directly below your TV if it is up high. It’s a better sound and it’s closer to where you are. This is an excellent way to set up a home theater. But, don’t forget: This approach may not be suitable for Samsung soundbars with upward facing speakers.

Putting Your Soundbar Behind The TV: Want a clean look without wires everywhere? Place your soundbar behind the TV. It keeps things neat and looks good. But this isn’t ideal for sound. The TV may reduce the sound in clarity and volume. This is the method of appearance rather than sound.

How should a soundbar with a subwoofer be placed?

Do you want to add more audio equipment like rear speakers with a subwoofer to your sound system? First, you’ve got to think about where you are going to put these parts. If you know where everything goes, picking the right equipment for great surround sound is easier.

Subwoofers improve the bass and get out those deep sounds so you have to place your soundbar in a good spot to enjoy them.

This is a good place for your soundbar and subwoofer, right above the TV. But put them as forward as you can, facing where you sit to get the best sound.

If you mount your soundbar above the TV and place the subwoofer on one side, then the sound will be clear, firm, and clean. It looks good and works well, without unsightly wires. It will make watching things a lot more fun.

When you have installed your surround sound, test the soundbar and subwoofer together. Fiddle with the bass and volume until it sounds right to you.

Put in a soundbar with a subwoofer.
Put in a soundbar with a subwoofer.

Where Should I Put My Soundbar?

In fact, finding just the right place for your soundbar depends completely on how your home theater room is arranged. Perhaps you have a TV standing on the floor, or one hung up on the wall. Whichever way you decide, for the best movie time your soundbar can be placed in all kinds of different places.

Knowing where to put your soundbar makes a lot of difference in how good it sounds. The sound might be blocked if it is in a cabinet or on the floor, for example. However this makes it sound less clear, odd and not so exciting.

In short, place your soundbar where you can hear it best. You can hang it right below or above your TV.With this approach, you get to use all its cool features and really great sound.

In addition, the place you choose should be near where things are plugged in and easily connected to other stuff. Otherwise, you’ll end up with long cords all over the place.

Set a Sound Bar to Maximize Its Potential
Set a Sound Bar to Maximize Its Potential


At audiosk, there is no single correct way to set up a soundbar. In our blog we’ve suggested some of the best places to set up your new sound system. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to find the right spot for great movie watching. Therefore, take a look around your living room and find that excellent seat for you.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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