How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder: 6 Detailed Steps

Bluetooth speakers have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience. They are often used at parties, during outdoor activities, or even for everyday use. However, many people would like to be more satisfied with the volume of their Bluetooth speakers and wish they could be louder.

In this guide, we’ll provide some tips on how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

Step 1: Check the speaker is charged

As a first step, you must ensure your Bluetooth speaker is fully charged. Sometimes you can easily forget to set the speaker resulting in a low battery, and when the battery is low, many speakers tend to lower the volume to save power. Before you try to play some music or turn up the volume, it’s a good idea to plug in the charger to get it fully charged first.

Always fully charge the battery for the bluetooth speaker

Step 2: Inspect the volume setting

Next, you need to check the volume settings on your Bluetooth speaker. Also, ensure your device volume settings are set as high as possible. Sometimes, the sound can be accidentally reduced, or the speaker sets the volume level lower than the default without your knowledge.

 Besides, some devices like music, videos, and games have volume control. Therefore, you need to ensure your volume is turned up for the type of sound the device you are playing.

Step 3: Inspect your volume controls

Check the volume controls on both your speaker and the connected device. In some cases, your device’s volume setting might be low. Thus, turn it up on both devices to ensure maximum output. Usually, the control device will have two types of physical buttons or a volume dial. If your speaker is volume dial type, you should turn it up before adjusting the sound on your device.

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Step 4: Increasing your volume with an app

Moreover, there are several apps available that allow you to boost the volume of your Bluetooth speaker. Some apps, such as VLC for Android or Boom 2 for iOS, or others like Volume Booster Pro, Volume Up, and Speaker Boost, support enhancing your speaker’s sound.

Thus, you can download them and follow the app’s instructions to adjust your volume settings accordingly.

Use the app to make the speaker sound louder

Step 5: Adjust the audio balance

The balance of audio channels (left and right) can also affect the volume of your Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, you can use an equalizer to adjust the balance settings. In detail, increasing the bass and treble frequencies makes your speaker sound louder.

Besides, you can download apps such as Equalizer FX or Bass Booster to adjust the audio balance on your device. This might help increase the quality of sound.

Step 6: Upgrade to a higher wattage rating

It might be time to upgrade if you’ve tried everything and your speaker still needs to be louder. Thus, look for Bluetooth speakers with a higher wattage rating. More watts often translate into more power and a louder sound.

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Tips For Boosting The Volume Of Your Bluetooth Speaker

 Tips for you to enhance your speaker’s sound

Here we provide some quick tips for you to enhance your speaker’s sound:

  • Look around your room: The speaker’s position can affect sound quality. Therefore, you can place it in many parts to see where the speaker produces the loudest and most quality sound.
  • Put it on the ground: We also highly recommend you place your Bluetooth speaker on the ground. This can increase your volume because of the extra bass when you put it on the basis.
  • Place the speaker close to a room’s corner or against a wall: This can help sound waves bounce off the walls, creating a louder sound.
  • Get two speakers: If one speaker isn’t loud enough, consider using two Bluetooth speakers. Currently, many brands offer the option to pair two speakers together for a more audible sound. So, it’s an easy way to find one suitable for you.
  • Recheck the audio settings: Make sure the audio settings on your device are not at low volume. Besides, you also need to check if an equalizer setting can be adjusted to increase the sound.
  • Using amp and battery power: If you’re good at repairing or installing audio systems, you could use an external amplifier or increase the battery power to your speaker.


To know how to make a bluetooth speaker louder? It’s necessary to check all your speaker’s or device’s audio settings. Besides, you also consider the position where you’re using the speaker. Therefore, this guide helps you get the right approach, enhancing the volume and enjoying your music more.


  1. Why doesn't my Bluetooth speaker produce a louder sound?

    The reason your Bluetooth speaker is quiet could be as simple as it is set to a low volume without you realizing it. So, your first action should be to check the volume setting and ensure it's not set low. Remember that many Bluetooth speakers are programmed to start at a more melancholy sound by default, which you can adjust as needed.

  2. What contributes to the loudness of a sound?

    The magnitude of its vibrations determines the loudness of a sound, also referred to as amplitude. More significant vibrations produce more substantial sound waves, carrying greater energy. Therefore, a significant vibration results in a louder sound, like the noise made by a balloon popping or a dog barking loudly.

  3. Does a higher wattage result in louder speakers?

    Indeed, a higher wattage generally leads to louder and clearer sound from speakers. However, minor differences in power aren't likely to significantly alter the audible output. For you to notice a difference in loudness, specifically a 3dB increase, the power output needs to double.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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