Can You Track A JBL Flip 5: Easy Ways to Find Out

At audiosk, We have used JBL speakers a lot and know them well as experts in sound. We love audio things too. We must remember that while some JBL speakers can be tracked through the JBL app, they aren’t as easy to find like smartphones. The person who speaks must be ready and close enough for others to follow.

In this post, we will discover Can You Track A JBL Flip 5? We’ll guide you on the steps involved in tracking them down and show specific difficulties that might come up during the process. Our aim is to simply let you quickly watch over your talker. Read now!

Key Takeaways

  • You can use the JBL app to find some speakers from JBL. This app has a tool called “Find My Speaker” to help you see where your speaker was last seen. But, keep in mind that not all JBL speakers are compatible with this app. So, if your loudspeaker is outdated, you might have trouble locating it.
  • JBL speakers appear on the app if they are turned on. If the battery dies or you switch off the speaker, it’s hard and maybe impossible to find where it is. This can happen if someone takes something away from you or some things make it hard to remember life stuff.
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  • If your mobile or laptop looks like a Bluetooth thing you can link to listen to music, it’s likely because the person talking isn’t far away – about 30 feet.

Can You Track A Jbl Flip 5?

Can You Track A Jbl Flip 5?

We understand that taking care of your sound equipment is very important. When you connect your JBL Flip 5 speaker with the JBL app, you can find it easily if ever lost. The app hooks up to your speaker with Bluetooth. This lets you find it if it’s within the Bluetooth range, so long as it can be done!

If you are not in this area, don’t stress. Our ‘Find My Speaker‘ tool tells you where your speaker last was. This helps make it easier to find and get back the missing sound machine.

We work hard to mix smart tech with easy-to-use screens. This helps everybody have a smooth experience when they use their noise devices.

The tracker in our JBL Flip 5 speakers can help you find a speaker but doesn’t use GPS to give the exact spot. This means if someone steals your speaker or its battery starts to run out, it becomes hard to find.

For older JBL models that don’t link with our app, we suggest getting a Bluetooth Scanner app on your iPhone or Android device. This will help you check for any problems and make adjustments as needed so it works well again faster than usual.

These apps send a Bluetooth signal to see devices nearby. If your speaker shows up on the app scan, it’s nearby. That makes finding it simpler.

However, these scanners won’t provide an exact location. The speaker only shows that they are close to your phone, around 20-30 feet away.

So, a bit of searching is still necessary. A limitation to note is that if the speaker’s battery is dead, it won’t be detected by the scanner.

To enhance your ability to track a JBL Flip 5 speaker, we suggest using a GPS-tracking device like Apple’s AirTags. These devices are user-friendly and efficient. Simply attach an AirTag to your speaker, and you’ll be able to track it effectively, surpassing the built-in tracking capabilities of the speaker. 

These GPS devices boast impressive battery life, often lasting up to a year on a single battery. For added security, attach the device discreetly to deter potential thieves from easily locating and removing 

How Can I Track My JBL Flip 5 if Lost or Stolen?

How Can I Track My JBL Flip 5 if Lost or Stolen

We often guide people on tracking their JBL Flip 5 when it’s lost or stolen. The JBL Connect app, compatible with the Flip 5, is a useful tool, although it doesn’t provide exact GPS locations.

For example, one of our customers located their misplaced Flip 5 at a picnic area using the app. The app showed the speaker was nearby, leading to its discovery under a picnic blanket.

If the speaker is too far away or its battery has run out, the app may not be helpful. In such situations, a Bluetooth tracking app can be beneficial. These apps can detect devices like the Flip 5 if they’re on and close by.

This was demonstrated when another customer successfully found their Flip 5 hidden behind their living room couch using a Bluetooth scanner on their phone.

For added security, we recommend attaching a GPS tracker, like an Apple AirTag, to your speaker. This method proved invaluable for a customer who recovered their stolen Flip 5 from a location several blocks away from a beach, thanks to the attached AirTag.

What Precautions Can I Take To Avoid Losing My JBL Flip 5?

With my experience, one practical tip is to always carry the speaker in a distinct, protective case. This not only shields it from damage but also helps in recognizing and remembering to take it with you.

For instance, a customer who used a brightly colored case for their Flip 5 found it easier to remember and less prone to leaving it behind at events.

We also suggest attaching a Bluetooth tracking device, like an AirTag or Tile, to your speaker. This can be incredibly helpful in tracking down the speaker if it’s lost or stolen.

A real-life example of this was when a customer quickly recovered their stolen JBL Flip 5 from a cafe, thanks to the tracker they had attached.

At the end, we suggest you keep your speaker close by or in a safe place when out at public places. Missing out on voices in areas like beaches or parks is often simple to steal from. By keeping an eye on your speaker or locking it up when not in use, you significantly reduce the chances of losing it.


At audiosk, ith our experience, JBL speakers can be tracked when they’re on and close to your phone, using the JBL app to find their last known location. However, for more accurate tracking, especially if the speaker’s battery is dead, attaching a third-party GPS tracker like Apple AirTags is recommended. This allows you to track the speaker’s location more effectively.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan is the CEO and founder of Audiosk. He has 25+ years of experience and expertise in audio production, mixing, and mastering across music, film, and gaming.