Why is My JBL Speaker not Charging? Common Causes & Fixes

JBL makes cool Bluetooth speakers with new designs. Many speakers can handle rough use, water splashes, and are easy to carry. JBL has all kinds of speakers, big and small, that won’t cost too much. But, like any gadget, JBL speakers can have problems.

At audiosk, onetimes they might not charge, which can be annoying because you can’t use your great speaker. If this is happening to you, don’t stress. We’ll talk about why your speaker isn’t charging and how to fix it.

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

A few things can make your JBL speaker not work, but the most common one is a bad battery. Not being able to charge is mostly a software problem, not a hardware one. Other factors that will cause charging failure include:

1. Damaged Battery

Sometimes JBL batteries can stop working. This is rare, but it happens because it’s an electronic device. Lithium-ion batteries can handle many charges, but over time, they hold less power. If this happens, you might need a new battery.

First, check if the problem is really the battery. Try charging your speaker with a different charger. The issue might be a bad charger, not the battery.

If you find out the battery is the problem, you can get a new one from a JBL authorized store. Make sure the new battery fits your speaker.

Changing the battery in a JBL speaker isn’t just about taking off the cover and pulling it out. Each model has its own way to change batteries. Some JBL speakers, like the JBL GO2, JBL Flip5, and JBL Boombox 2, come with kits to help you change the battery. They also have videos to show you what to do.

If your speaker doesn’t stay charged for long, it might be because the battery has been charged too many times. This is normal after a while. You might not notice it at first. But if your speaker is more than six years old, it’s likely that the battery is worn out from too much charging.  

2. Faulty Micro-USB Charging Cable

Sometimes, JBL speakers stop charging because of a bad Micro-USB cable. This isn’t as common as software problems, but it happens. If you think the cable is the issue, try using a different one. A loose fit in the speaker’s USB port can be a sign of a bad cable. This happens a lot with Micro-USB cables.

Newer USB-C cables are stronger and don’t break as easily. But even if this type of cable fits your speaker, you should try a different cable first. The connectors on any cable can wear out or not be made well. Always look at your cables for damage or if the cover is coming off.

Micro-USB Charging Cable Error

3. Faulty Configuration Settings

JBL speakers usually work fine right out of the box because they come with pre-set settings. This means it’s unlikely that settings would cause charging problems. But, software can have bugs, so it’s good to keep your speaker’s software up to date and check the settings.

If you’ve tried everything and your speaker still won’t charge, try resetting it. This puts the speaker back to its original settings and might fix any software-related charging issues.

To reset, press and hold the multi-function button on your speaker. When the LED light starts shining, you can let go. It’s also a good idea to reset the Bluetooth pairing on your device. After resetting, plug your speaker back in.

Make sure to follow the user manual for your specific JBL speaker model, as the reset steps can vary. After resetting, connect the speaker to power and press the standby button for five seconds to turn it on.

4. Faulty Charging Port

A damaged charging port can easily happen. Dirt or other small things in the port can stop the cable from fitting right. If you push too hard, the tiny connector pins inside might bend. If the pins look okay, check for dust or dirt in the port.

You can clean it with something thin, like a safety pin. Water can also damage the port. If it gets wet, you can dry it with a hairdryer. Make sure there’s no water left in the port. Using your speaker while it’s charging can also harm the port, especially if it is not placed correctly. This can pull or twist the connector.

Broken charging port

5. Because Of A Fault in The Circuit

Sometimes, a problem in the wires can stop your JBL speaker from getting power. Electricity goes to the battery through a path. If the circuit doesn’t work, the battery can’t be charged and the speaker won’t turn on. If you think there’s a problem with the wires, it’s best to let someone trained look at your speaker.

The circuit is a delicate part of the speaker and should be treated with care. A busted wire, similar to a messed-up mommy board, can make an electric short. This can hurt both the person talking and you.

6. Faulty Wall Power Outlet

If your JBL speaker doesn’t charge, the issue could be with your wall outlet. Check if the power outlet is working before looking at the speaker’s parts or programs. Sometimes, the power from the plug can be not enough or too much.

If this occurs, the speaker’s safety features stop the power to keep from getting hurt. This protects the circuit board. If this happens, use a different power source instead. It’s also smart to see if your outlet is giving enough power. Having too much power can damage your speaker and cause a short circuit.

7. Using Outdated JBL software

If your JBL Bluetooth speaker won’t charge, try using a different cable or check the power outlet. Then also look at any software issues. Using outdated software can cause charging issues because of flaws in the system.

Fixing the program might solve the problem. To reset the speaker, which can help with updates, do the following based on your model:

  • For JBL Go and JBL Flip 5: Press the Bluetooth and volume buttons for around 5 seconds.
  • For JBL Charge: Press and hold the play, pause, and volume up buttons together until the power button lights up.

This reset can help make sure your speaker’s software is up-to-date and working right. 

How To Fix a Jbl Speaker When It Is Not Charging? 

If your JBL speaker is not charging and you suspect issues like a damaged battery, faulty Micro-USB cable, configuration settings, charging port problems, circuit faults, a faulty wall power outlet, or outdated JBL software, here are specific steps to address each of these problems:

  • Damaged Battery: Batteries degrade over time. If your speaker is old, you might need to change the battery. Professionals usually do this. Don’t let your speaker get too hot or cold because it can make the battery wear out fast.
  • Faulty Micro-USB Charging Cable: Check the cable for any damage you can see. Search for pieces that are frayed, cut or bent. Use a different Micro-USB cable that you know works to charge the speaker.
  • Faulty Configuration Settings: Set your JBL speaker back to what it was when you first got it. The way to reset can be different, so look in your speaker manual for how to do it. Make sure any settings or clocks that might stop charging are switched off.
  • Faulty Charging Port: Look at the place where you plug in for any dirt, dust or damage. Use a soft brush or compressed air carefully to clean it. If the port gets broken, it might need an expert fix.
  • Fault in The Circuit: Problems with circuits are hard and usually need expert fixing. Don’t try to open the speaker yourself because it might break your warranty and make things worse.
  • Faulty Wall Power Outlet: Check the socket by putting in a different gadget to see if it charges up. If the outlet is bad, use another one or think about getting a skilled electrician to change the outlet.
  • Using Outdated JBL Software: Look for software updates for your JBL speaker. You can usually find these on the JBL website or through the app related to your speaker. Use the steps given by JBL to change your speaker’s firmware.


At audiosk, JBL speakers are great, but having battery issues with something you need to carry around is a big hassle. Imagine your music stops playing suddenly while you’re having fun with friends or family. Often, if your JBL speaker isn’t charging fully, the problem might be with the charging port or the cable. Dust and dirt can mess up the charging port.

You can use the steps we talked about to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge. But, if your JBL speaker is over five years old, it might be time to get it serviced or switch to a newer model like the JBL GO2, JBL Flip 5, JBL Charge 4, or JBL Boombox. If you have a new model and still face problems after trying all these tips, reach out to JBL for help. It’s rare for new JBL speakers to have battery issues.

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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