JBL Vs Beats Speakers: Which Are Better?

Two well-known manufacturers of audio equipment today are JBL vs Beats. What makes one brand superior, and how do these two speakers compare? Here, let’s find out!

General Overview: Introducing The JBL Vs Beats 

First, begin with examining the background of these two companies.

The Beats

Beats, a business formed in 2006, specializes in providing attractive design and immersive audio experiences. The company sells a variety of headphones and speakers with an emphasis on style and excellent sound.


JBL was bought by Samsung Electronics, Korea, through its subsidiary Harman, in 1969 after being sold to Sidney Harman and renamed Harman International Industries. In business for more than 70 years, JBL has offered high-quality audio solutions.

The exceptional sound quality, crystal-clear audio reproduction, and tremendous volume of their products are well-known. The business uses cutting-edge technologies to produce speakers that reproduce sound accurately over the whole frequency range, including innovative driver design and signal processing.

Table Of Comparison: Key Specifications 

Here’s a table comparing some critical features of the two brands’ speakers. 

Features JBL Beats 
Frequency response Balanced and neutralStrong bass response
Power outputHigher than Beats’ speaker Lower than JBL’s  speakers
DesignFocus mainly on functionality instead of aestheticsSleek and modern, with a focus on aesthetics
ConnectivityWide range of options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wired optionsMostly Bluetooth connectivity
Voice assistant integrationCompatible with Amazon Alexa and Google AssistantNo integration with voice assistants
Water-resistanceMany models are water-resistant, suitable for outdoor useNo emphasis on water-resistance
PortabilityOptions for various sizesEmphasis on portability

Comparing The JBL Vs Beats: Key Differences

Now let’s take a closer look at each aspect of these two speakers. 


Given that they offer various products at various pricing points, both brands have comparable prices. Additionally, costs differ according to the particular product and model. But overall, the prices of these two speaker brands are reasonable and worth the benefit. 


The Beats have an advantage in design because they emphasize stylish beauty. The company offers up-to-date, modern designs that incorporate technology and style.

Bold colors and the use of materials like glossy plastic and metallic accents are features that distinguish the company’s products from competitors.

Beats impress with stylish design

JBL has a more classic and understated aesthetic where the form is secondary to function. Their items frequently have simple, minimalistic designs emphasizing functionality and robustness.

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Build quality

JBL is known for the quality of its products’ construction and the longevity of their use. JBL speakers are a fantastic option for outdoor use because they are specifically made to endure the environment and offer features like water resistance.

Meanwhile, Beats’ items frequently include superior finishes, elegant designs, and high-quality materials, which give them a rich feel.


Both companies provide various choices and connecting options, including wired and wireless. However, JBL is preferable due to several wireless connections, including Bluetooth and WiFi, whereas Beats connects primarily via Bluetooth. Various speaker models connected to other speakers are also available from the two firms.

JBL has a variety of wireless connection options

Sound quality

JBL is renowned for its exceptional sound quality, particularly in the speaker field. Numerous of the company’s speakers produce superb, well-balanced audio with good bass response.

They also prioritize clean, useful technology, which is excellent for viewing movies or listening to music. Contrarily, Beats are frequently linked to the bass-heavy sound profiles that many younger listeners like, particularly for electronic dance music and hip-hop.

Battery life

Both companies sell devices with superior battery life. Both speakers have exceptionally long battery lives of up to 24 hours. You should be aware that battery life varies depending on the size, type, and usage of the device. 


JBL offers a large selection of outdoor-ready, water-resistant, great-sounding portable speakers. Their smaller speakers are typically transportable, and some even have handles built in for convenience.

For those who wish to carry their music with them while they are on the go, Beats also provides a range of portable speakers, fit in a bag or pocket, and are simple to take with you wherever you go.

JBL portable speaker design

Water resistance

In contrast to Beats, JBL typically offers a wider range of water resistance. The business is renowned for making speakers that are water-resistant up to IPX7 across a variety of goods.

Meanwhile, Beats only offers a small selection of waterproof items and the IPX4 standard for water resistance.

Most JBL speakers have good water resistance


There are no significant differences between the two in terms of durability. Both companies provide tough, high-quality audio equipment that can withstand regular use and outdoor conditions. Products from both brands are made using premium components to guarantee exceptional longevity.

Pros and cons

JBL Beats 
ProsWide range of products Offers excellent battery lifeMost products have water-resistant propertiesOffers a unique sound characterComfortable and portable devicesOffers excellent battery life
ConsAudio quality can frequently be inconsistent across some models Some affordable range JBL devices do not offer some additional features present in the premium range. Expensive Not all products have water-resistant properties

Which Is Better: JBL Vs Beats?

Since both speaker brands provide excellent audio solutions, it can take time to choose which is superior. You must consider a brand based on your unique demands and tastes because every brand has a particular set of benefits and drawbacks.

Beats is a great option if you want a speaker with a stunning design and powerful bass. Their devices have a distinctive bass-heavy sound that makes them perfect for hip-hop and techno music. Young audiences appreciate the brand because they also emphasize fashion and style.

Beats is very popular with young people

JBL’s speakers are the ideal choice if you’re searching for a speaker with vivid, authentic sound and exceptional durability.

Their speakers are renowned for delivering accurate, natural sound across the whole frequency range. The speaker is perfect for outdoor use because the business places a strong emphasis on water resistance.

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This is a detailed comparison of the differences between two famous speaker brands, JBL vs Beats. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!


  1. How do the power outputs of JBL and Beats speakers compare?

    Both of these well-known speaker companies offer a variety of models with various output powers. JBL speakers typically provide more power than other types of speakers.

  2. Are there any differences in the frequency response of JBL and Beats speakers?

    Yes. JBL’s speakers sound more neutral and accurate because it features a more balanced frequency response. Meanwhile, Beats often prioritizes a robust bass response.

  3. How do the bass levels of JBL and Beats speakers compare?

    JBL’s speakers offer a more well-balanced sound with less stressed bass. Meanwhile, Beats’ speakers are renowned for their robust bass response.

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