What Is The Infinity Button On JBL Flip 5? (Explained)

The JBL Flip 5 speaker is water-safe and has many buttons and lights on the top and sides. Among these is the Infinity button. We will tell you what this button does and how to use it. Basically, this button allows you to connect between two and more than a hundred JBL speakers together.

At audiosk, they will all play the same thing. This way, you can make the sound reach a much bigger area than with just one speaker. Also, as these speakers can be the same distance from each other like normal Bluetooth speakers, you can fill a large area with sound. This is great for little to medium gatherings.

JBL Flip 5 Buttons Explained

The JBL Flip 5 has six different buttons. Each of these buttons has a different use. You can also mix two buttons to change different things in the speaker.

The Power Button

The JBL Flip 5 has two rows of buttons. The first line has the power button. This button lets you start and stop the speaker. If the talker is working, you’ll see a always white light close to its power button. If it’s wrong, there is no light.

The Bluetooth Button

Next to the “on” button, in the first line, is a Bluetooth button. This button makes the speaker ready to connect with another device. When you push it one time, the JBL Flip 5 connects with other Bluetooth gadgets. If the person talking is making Bluetooth connect, a white light will blink from the button. When it links to another gadget, the Bluetooth button light stays white and doesn’t blink.

When discussing the Infinity button on the JBL Flip 5, a common question that arises is whether you can “track a JBL Flip 5.” It’s crucial to understand that the Infinity button, also known as the PartyBoost button, allows you to connect multiple JBL speakers for an enhanced audio experience.

However, this feature is not related to tracking the speaker. The JBL Flip 5 does not have a built-in capability to be tracked if lost or misplaced

Battery Indicator & Charging Port

Near the power and Bluetooth buttons on the JBL Flip 5, you can see how much battery is left. Also, there’s a place to plug in your charger.The battery indicator lets you know how much charge is left in your speaker. It turns off after some time, but you can wake it up by pressing either the Volume Up or Down button.

Right beside the battery indicator, there’s the charging port. You use this port to charge the speaker. Just take the charger that came with your JBL Flip 5, plug it into the charging port, and then connect the other end to a wall charger to start charging your speaker.

Volume Control Buttons (+,-)

In the middle of the JBL Flip 5 speaker, on the second row, you’ll find the volume control buttons. They look like a Plus (+) and a Minus (-). Use the Plus (+) button to make the sound louder and the Minus (-) button to make it quieter. These buttons only work when the speaker is connected to another device and there is music playing.

If the speaker is not doing anything, these buttons won’t work. Also, the loudness depends on the device you connect it to. The speaker might remember how loud each device was last set. So, if you connect a different device, you might have to change the volume again.

JBL Flip Buttons

Play/Pause Button

The stop and start button on your JBL Flip 5 lets you pause or play music. If a song is playing, just press this button once to pause it. If there’s no music playing, press it once to start the music again.

Remember, pressing this button doesn’t turn down the volume; it pauses the song on both your speaker and the connected device, like a computer, phone, or TV. When you press the button again, the music picks up right where it stopped, so you won’t miss a beat.

If you’re using an iPhone with the speaker, press and hold down the play/pause button for a few seconds so Siri can turn on. But check that you’ve turned on Siri on your phone first.

Party Boost Button

The PartyBoost button on your JBL Flip 5 is right next to the Volume Down (-) button. PartyBoost is a cool feature that lets your speaker link up with many other JBL speakers to play music all at once. But remember, PartyBoost only works with other devices that also have PartyBoost.

To use it, first link your JBL Flip 5 to another gadget using Bluetooth. Then, just press the PartyBoost button one time. This allows other people to join in with what you’re saying. If you already have a gadget connected that’s using PartyBoost, when you press your PartyBoost button and wait for some time, another speaker will join in playing the same music as other devices.

What Is The Infinity Button On JBL Flip 5?

The Infinity button on your JBL Flip 5 is a special feature that helps make music sounds amazing. When you need to put together a big sound system for a party or get-together, this button is helpful. It’s made to link two or more JBL speakers that can use the PartyBoost function, making a single “party mode”. This way makes sure that all the speakers linked together play similar music at the same time without any problems like echoes or delays.

This feature is much like Amazon’s multi-room music. You can have a few speakers playing the same sound perfectly at once, no matter where they are in a room or area. To start this feature, you just turn on each JBL speaker and hit the Infinity button on those that will be part of your sound setup.

The Infinity button is well-named because its shape looks like the infinity symbol. This special plan makes it simple to spot. In this picture, you will find a green arrow pointing to where the button is on the speaker. This picture hint makes it simpler for people to find and use the button, improving how users feel overall with the JBL Flip 5.

The JBL Flip 5’s Infinity Button

How to Use the Infinity Button on the JBL Flip 5 Speaker? 

Using the Infinity button on the JBL Flip 5 speaker is a good way to make big noise with many speakers. It works with any JBL speakers that can connect to PartyBoost. This involves a lot of from the Flip, Charge, Xtreme and Boombox series. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by placing all the speakers close to each other.
  2. Turn on and connect the first (master) speaker to your Bluetooth device.
  3. Then, turn on each additional (slave) speaker you want to include.
  4. On the master speaker, press the Infinity button. You’ll see the oval ring around the Power and Bluetooth buttons light up, and the speaker will play a sound like a guitar strum going up.
  5. Next, on each slave speaker, press the Infinity button. The button and oval ring will light up on each one.
  6. Now, whatever you play on your Bluetooth device will come out of all the connected speakers.
  7. To make the speakers stop playing together, press the Infinity button again on the main speaker. If you want to get rid of just one slave speaker from the group, all you need is to turn off that speaker.

This setup is great for parties or any event where you want lots of noise to cover a wide area.

Press and hold the JBL Flip 5 Speaker’s Infinity Button

The Infinity button on the JBL Flip 5 often leads to questions about other functionalities, like “why is my JBL Flip 5 not charging” It’s important to note that the Infinity button, which allows for linking multiple JBL speakers for a bigger sound experience, is not related to charging issues.

If your Flip 5 isn’t charging, check the basics first. Ensure the charging cable and port are in good condition and properly connected. The battery’s health is also crucial; over time, batteries can degrade.

Remember, while the Infinity button enhances your audio experience by expanding the sound system, it doesn’t impact the speaker’s ability to charge.


At audiosk, we’ve talked about all the buttons on the JBL Flip 5 and how they work together. We’ve talked about what each button does, including the special Infinity one. We also showed how you can use different groups of buttons to control parts of your JBL Flip 5 speaker in various ways.

No matter if you’re changing the loudness, connecting gadgets or making a big sound system with lots of speakers using these buttons make it simple and easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy your music just the way you like it with JBL Flip 5!

Ciaran Gonzan

Ciaran Gonzan

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